Merchant Cash Advance Loans for Your Business

Are you short on money? Do you need to fund your business operations quickly? Do you want to avoid fixed monthly payment? Merchant cash advance financing is the right solution. Personal Money Service offers the entrepreneurs a perfect way out of temporary money shortage in case they have little or no collateral, short business history, or poor credit.

Get Merchant Cash Advance Funding


MCA or a business cash advance is not a traditional business term loan. Actually, it’s a purchase of a certain agreed part of your future debit and credit card receivables. You do not have to pay a fixed dollar amount every month until the loan is covered, but remit a percentage of the daily credit and debit card revenue to the loan provider. The term of such advance expires as soon as the specified amount of purchased receivables is covered.

Due to the fact the merchant cash advances are neither unsecured business loans nor business lines of credit, they are regulated in a different way. You may face certain difficulties in case the need arises to change the merchant service provider. That’s what should always be kept in mind and that's why our company offers the cooperation only with reliable MCA providers, operating in the market.

​Business Cash Advance Loans are a Good Fit For Any Business

Merchant cash advances are advantageous for small businesses for a number of reasons. You have a flexible payment schedule, paying only when you get revenue. Bad credit is not an obstacle of getting the approval and MCA can even help you improve your rating.Also, modern women entrepreneurs can check small business loans for women online.

However, in case you have had a bankruptcy, your business is unlikely to qualify for the merchant cash advances. If you’ve been operating less than a year, the chances to be approved are also miserable, as well as in case you do not have ability to process credit card payments.

Not long ago the entrepreneurs had little funding options and that was the main reason for seeking certain alternative ways to get the working capital financing needed. Nowadays merchant cash advance companies are just a great option for small business owners to fund some on-going processes, acquire some business assets or manage costs in case of a downturn, for expansion or growth. With our cooperating partners the loans from $5,000 to $250,000 are available for our clients for the term of 4 to 18 months.

How Does Personal Money Service Help?

Our Company offers our clients easy and hassle-free way of the online application for the Merchant Cash Advances. You should just fill in the form on the site and submit it. You need to provide some personal and financial information, like company name and address, its structure, industry type, time in business, certain financial data, credit score and the owner’s contact details. The business merchant cash advance providers will review your request the same day and approach you with their offers. Keep in mind that you sign the agreement with the lender directly, that’s why you should check it carefully and make sure you understand all the details.

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