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Launched in 2006, Twitter managed to gain its own network of almost 300 million twitter users and continues its own expansion till today. Could you even imagine that almost each of the today’s business or companies uses Twitter in order to build up their own brand, as well as get closer to consumers informing them about latest updates and deals?

If Twitter has already become a part of your everyday social media living, you wouldn’t probably miss a chance to get some extra cash out of this platform. In fact, personal users have equal chances to get their own cash profit from being actively involved in Twitter. There is a similar possibility for people who know how to make money using Facebook. The only thing needed is your creativity, some of your marketing skills and knowledge of current trends or events. So, let’s get things cleared up!

Use Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing is the process that involves a crowd of people and implies completing special work/task, usually performed online. One of the greatest examples of crowdsourcing is definitely Wikipedia, which allows regular online users to edit its own articles.

Twitter has also become one of the most used social media platforms to use crowdsourcing, as the way to fund your startup or ideas for business. Your biggest benefits from crowdsourcing would not only be the money itself, but also the ability to get the necessary advice from other professionals/businessmen and ultimately achieve better quality results in your business. The only problem could be unclear instructions that might become a whole pain in order to properly get them.

Become a “Sales Person”

Considering how to make money on twitter, this strategy would probably be the first one on your mind. After all, businesses offering their services and products, wouldn’t get their customers, unless they’re offered to buy them.

Now, when you’re asking yourself how to sell those products successfully to public, there come some marketing secrets, like using promotions, discounts, “daily” deals or any other marketing strategies to make your Twitter followers pay attention at your sort-of-an-advertisement. Using bright pictures and showing quantities work no worse as the ones mentioned above.

Just watch your frequency of tweets in order to avoid the mess and unnecessary spam, which may end up in fewer followers in your Twitter list.

Offer Twitter-Related Services

You’ve heard lots of online money making myths and you know that not often your audience would be necessarily interested in your business and products. Nevertheless, the problem is easily solved, as soon as your Twitter community gets something they are truly interested in. For instance, Twitter users might consider purchasing an app that generates automatic hashtags on their tweets, based on popularity and the content of a message.

The other option is creating a platform that helps people gain real followers. Seriously, why not giving it a shot? It’s all about people’s interests.

Post Sponsored Tweets

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So, charging companies for doing sponsored tweets about their services/products is actually possible. Moreover, there’s even a separate website for such category of tweets with quite an easy title – All you’re required to do is finding a necessary sponsor and get it started. The only thing to watch for is what you’re actually tweeting.

Especially, if you’re working in a company that stalks your social media profiles from time to time. Especially if you’re applying for a job and expect your potential employer to look through your Twitter as well.

Search for New Opportunities

Let’s say, you’re a novice clothes designer sewing and selling women outfits. Your target would be young girls and women mostly from your living area, interested in designer fashion for a low-cost price. You may easily look those out among your twitter followers and then offer tempting deals or possibly sales to those, who retweet the picture of your new designed outfit on their Twitter pages.

Contests to get your designer top for free in exchange for a retweet will work out perfectly too. Holding a contest is always a win since each of us likes getting staff as a prize and most importantly, free of charge. By the way, there are many apps you can make money with. Check if there is something Twitter-related as well.

Make Youtube Videos

Sounds ridiculous, but Youtube videos of a “How to gain Twitter followers” type or any other ones related to hot and most popular topics on Twitter, may get you some good money. And this is only based on your Twitter experience.

See, making money on Twitter is possible in many ways. Try one of them and check what option suits you the most!

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