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Are you a freelance photographer? Or maybe you’re an amateur willing to earn some cash on your hobby? Either way, you should know there are many opportunities to earn money as a photographer both in the real world or the Internet.

PersonalMoneyService have gathered 5 most efficient ways how you can start making money with photography in times when you are short on cash and customers. Just keep reading!

Sell Prints

Sounds very obvious, huh? At the meantime, not everybody would think of this idea as selling his or her high-quality printed photos to somebody else. Of course, you have to make sure your photos look VERY nice and professional. To achieve that, you might want to use the best Mac photo editor or any other worthy photo editors for PC. This best photo editor Mac will enhance your chances to sell your snaps to the buyer.

From here, you have a couple of options to go for. If you’re new in this business and yet you still have a poor reputation among your friends, friends of the friends and other people from your community, start with selling prints to online third-party sellers – they will make things much easier for you.

But this option wouldn’t help you feather your nest feather – the commissions, in this case, are much lower than if you would sell your prints directly to the buyer.

Therefore, think of going around to the local restaurants and stores. What if someone is interested in buying your photos for their interior decorations or for making an artwork?

Offer Your Snaps To Local Newspapers

Newspapers are always looking for good photos to publish along with their actual articles. You don’t even have to be a super reputable photographer with hundreds of images in your portfolio to start working for the local newspaper or any online local news portal.

Sometimes going out to different events and capturing them in details is enough to start working for publishing houses and earning money. Just get in contact with your local papers.

Still, don’t forget that people want to see a quality visual content. Not only this is all about text, but also about a great picture or a well-done snap. Just don’t forget about the best photo editing for Mac or other PC that you use.

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Start Working as a Club/Bar Photographer

If you are striving to some professional self-development, then club photography is not that type of a job you would want to be involved in. If your prime goal is earning some cash (easy cash, more specifically), then it’s time to explore your city’s nightlife.

At least you get some great perks of working in such industry: minimum requirements from you as a photographer, easy-to-get-in job and a great range of options from clubs to bars and other night events. If you’re still in your 20s, then you will surely have fun working in such places.

One of the most stressing out things is super big amounts of photos from one single event. Hopefully, using some best photo editing program for Mac would help you minimize the time on editing. Don’t neglect to buy the best Mac for photo editing since the result is worth the invested money.

License Images Though Flickr

Did you know that Flickr gives its members an opportunity to earn some money by licensing their uploaded photos through Getty images? It’s very convenient and doesn’t require too many operations to receive your desirable cash. Interested in this kind of “money making”? Just register on Flickr, upload your best photos and wait until someone sends you a request for purchasing some of your works.

Once again, to make your picture look impressive, we strongly recommend you to use the best photo editor on Mac.

Sell Your Gear

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This doesn’t mean you have to sell your main instrument, a camera, to get some cash (although, sometimes it may bring up more money than actual photography).

But it’s no secret that photographs use quite a lot of inventory along with their camera in their job.

It happens that people would purchase better gear and leave the old one gather dust somewhere in the closet. However, if being completely honest, most of this stuff won’t be used ever again. Thus, why not trying to sell it? You can even sell some of your computer best photo editors for Mac you used to buy for your personal work.

The possible options are local flea markets, eBay, Craigslist or even your own garage sale provided you have tons of more stuff to get rid of.