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You have probably heard that so many people make six-figure income on YouTube. How do they manage to do this? You should be creative in trying to find your own way how to make money using the YouTube Partner Program. In this article, we will share with you some of the greatest advice that every person can follow and earn an additional income on YouTube.

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Promote Your Products on YouTube

Before they start their own channel, people often have the most widespread questions. It’s not all about a number of views. When you have some items to sell and show them in your videos you will be able to get some extra money for it.

You may create your own products and get them featured on your channel. Such additional income is all yours as YouTube doesn’t take any of it. For instance, you can create T-shirts, eBooks, music, and art.

Sell Other People’s Products

Another great option for your additional source of money is using affiliate marketing to sell other people’s products. This means you need to promote and sell the items produced by other people or companies. As a result, after you’ve promoted or sold these items, you will get a commission for the sale. Affiliate marketing is offered by plenty of companies that give you the chance to earn money on YouTube.

Don’t know where to look for such deals? The major places include eBay, Amazon, ShareASale, ClickBank and Commission Junction. Depending on the type of content you have on your channel, you can choose from various affiliate marketing opportunities and get ready to count your dollars.

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Drive People to a Website or Blog

More than that, additional money can be earned not only on YouTube itself. The website that you promote in your videos can create a better opportunity for making money. It can offer special YouTube subscription packages to help your channel get more subscribers and grow.

For instance, the our video about small business loans:

Having a bigger amount of subscribers will raise your social proof. Remember that driving viewers on your YouTube channel to your website should become the key marketing move.

You can do this adding a link to the website at the beginning of the video description or through YouTube Annotations that lead people to certain landing pages. Such quick and easy link placements can really drive traffic to your website and, therefore, make your YouTube channel profitable.

Become a YouTube Personality

You can also think about hosting a show yourself. YouTube personality means a single host who is knowledgeable and passionate about a certain topic. If you want to make money this way, you need to be engaging, dynamic, and too much fun. It may sound like a very challenging task but in reality, so many people became successful and popular doing such videos.

Some of the most famous YouTube hosts are Jenna Marbles, NigaHiga, and Phillip DeFranco.  You can do some research and study how they earn money and became famous on YouTube, and get ready to become a host and entertain the people.

Create a Series of Your Videos

YouTube can serve as your own stage in case you are a comedian, a singer, a storyteller, or any kind of entertainer. You can actually do what you want as long as you stay within the 15-minute time limit and have sufficient budget. If you are determined to make longer shows, there is no problem to extend that time limit.

A series is a wonderful way to earn money on your YouTube channel no matter how long your episodes are. You can make up a 5-minute video or create a full half hour show. Such videos will make viewers come back again and again to watch them.

Share Your Expertise by Making Tutorials

What if you don’t have inborn ability to entertain the world? Don’t worry, there are other options to make extra money without making a fool of yourself. One of them is to share your knowledge in a certain field. You’ve probably seen thousands of tutorial videos on YouTube. One of the most popular genres is makeup application tutorials.

Make YouTube Your Market Research Opportunity

Don’t underestimate the importance of YouTube comment section for your potential business. In order to find out if your product or business idea will really work, create your own channel about that product.

Make some videos about this product and get ready to receive the most honest feedback from the viewers. This way you will be able to conduct your own market research before you actually go to market.