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You know how Internet is fulfilled with “make money at home” scam advertisers. We went above and beyond to get you 8 fully legitimate ways to stay at home and still earn money. Everything is real and you will get paid for your job. Besides, you will definitely see some new ones here.

1. Change Search Engines

It is high time you change your default search engine. You can search and make money same time. Instead of using Google, try Bing. Each time you make a search you are making money through SendEarningsw. You can cash in your credits for gift card in different stores, such as Toys ‘r Us, Amazon, Starbucks (use these 18 tips to save money at Starbucks). Our researcher makes only $5-$10 a month, but everything adds up after all.

2. Rate Your Favorite Pizza Place

Would you like to get a $5 reward and a free large pizza? Everyone would! There are many companies that pay their current or potential customer to rate their pizza shop. You will need to time their delivery services and the quality of pizza as a part of your assignment. You will need to fill out your application, with, plus an Independent Contractor.

3. Watch and Like Videos

We all spend time watching different videos on Youtube, so why not making this time both useful and entertaining? People from InboxDollars will pay you to watch their videos. Of course, there will be the videos that you will find boring, but who cares when you are getting paid for this, after all?

4. Sell Your Spam Mail

As crazy as it sounds, but something that you send to your junk box, can be sold. You really do not need all those credit card and best installment loan offers (especially, when you already have reliable installment loan provider of your own), or even letters from your so-called relatives who sort of left your millions of dollars (yes, there are really some crazy emails). SBK Center has a perfect solution for you. They are a market research company that will take care of your junk emails, and give you Visa prepaid card as a bonus. They work just like usual debit cards.

5. Participate In Online Surveys

Online surveys don’t pay much, but you should consider following options: Springboard Panel, SendEarnings (get $5 just to sign up), Swagbucks, Harris Poll. You can easily get extra $50-$100 a month with this method.

6. Download Following Apps

Google will pay you to have some apps installed on your phone. These apps help them understand the nature of web and mobile usage much better. Here are just some of them: Smart Panel for Iphones, Google Screenwise Panel, and Mobile Expressions.

7. Rent or Sell Your Clothes Online

While renting might not seem tempting (unless there is some clothes that you do not plan to wear anymore), selling it sure does. We all have so many things that we think we are going to wear at some point, but we never do. Sell it! There are websites like Tradesy, RentNotBuy, Loanebles, and SnapGoods that you can easily use.

8. Get Paid For Losing Extra Weight

You know that feeling how you are starting a new free from bad food life every Monday? Then, 55th Monday comes but nothing changes. OK, here is your super great opportunity. You can get paid for losing weight. When you successfully lose weight, website like DietBet and HealthyWage pay you. If have zero complaints about shape, then you can start a small bootcamp. They tend to grow organically, as compared to just 5 years ago, people take care of their slim figure way better now. Just think of this: bootcamp trainers get $100 and up for 1 hour of training.

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