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I Don’t Have a Bank Account but I Need a Loan. Is that Okay?

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Our company isn’t a direct lender. We work the reliable lenders, who are always ready to provide a financial help in a short period. Unfortunately, they don’t work with clients, who don’t have a bank account. Of course, there are companies, which don’t require a bank account but we aren’t sure of their competence and reputation.

While our lenders, generally, don’t ask for collateral or thick packages of documents, they require the bank account, which can be a deposit account, a credit card account, or any other type of account from a bank. On this account, our lenders will transfer funds and will withdraw your regular payments.

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If you don’t have a bank account, that isn’t a problem. You can easily apply for it and get within an hour and less. Obviously, we recommend you to apply to a bank institution to receive a quality professional help and have no problems in future. After you get the bank account, you may freely apply for a financial help to our service and get money within several hours!