The majority of small business owners consider loans as their best solution to finance their businesses. Each owner is offered to choose the most appropriate type of a loan out of several options and the two most common ones are small business loans and lines of credit for business. So before making the right choice out of those two options, here is what Personal Money Service wants you to consider.

Small Business Loans

Why a Small Business Loan?

Standard online business loans are based on a typical lending system most people are familiar with. A consumer is being issued with a certain amount of money for a specific purpose (purchase of equipment, the business expansion etc.) that he is obligated to pay back in regular monthly payments. Together with Personal Money Service, you will be able to cover large business expenses and get a loan with a 1% and 13.5% interest rate for the first two months, and 1% for the rest of the repayment term.

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Business Line of Credit

Why Business Line of Credit?

Similar to a credit card, a business line of credit provides consumers with the requested amount of money that can serve him multiple purposes. The credit line is revolving, so you can use it as many times as you want as soon as you do not exceed the maximum limit. Unlike with business loans, your repayments depend on the borrowed sum. If you have never tried a line of credit before, Personal Money Service can assure you will have a great experience in using a credit line with the help of our company.

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It is a perfect fit if:

If you want to take a one-time loan for a specific goal that includes large business expenses,for instance, then a small business loan is a much better choice compared to a credit line. This is also because the repayment term is much longer – from several months and up to 2 years depending on your borrowed sum.

It is a perfect fit if:

A business line of credit is appropriate for people whose business revenues are not yet stable, as well as they experience serious expenses before customers make their payments. The agreement between the lender and a borrow is long-term, therefore you want to make sure you use services from reliable lenders online only.


You can cover your small business loans in a certain amount of time and forget about any credits! Besides, if you choose our services, we will make your small business loan repayment as convenient as possible. You will have a choice either to make daily, weekly or monthly fixed payments or pay a percentage from your business sales.


Unlike standard loans for small businesses, credit lines have lower interest rates, although if you make payment on time, your rate can decrease even more. Also, you can borrow the money any time you need to, for instance, when your business is short on cash.


Making the right decision upon your best loan option can be tough. Before making your final decision, please explore the other loan options offered by Personal Money Service Company.