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Recent improving of the economic situation in the US has led to some changes in the banking industry. The biggest banks have changed the norm for some risky lending and got back to the standards they have used before the crisis of 2008.

Today an annual report of the Office Controlling the Currency survey was released. It contains the information concerning significant change in customer loans and lending products intended for corporations. Because of the change of economic situation in the US banks also change their standards and norms.

It is very important to say that there is change at all in regulations for providing loans online lending products. Leveraged loans are considered as risky financing options and mostly they are used for funding of corporate ransoms.

 Details of the Report and Experts’ Prediction

Jennifer Kelly, the OCC’s senior national bank inspector has made a statement that banks keep on arriving at for volume and respect enhance edges and seek restricted credit request, administrators will concentrate on banks’ endeavors to keep up judicious guaranteeing benchmarks.

She also said the patterns are “fundamentally the same” to those which were used in 2005-2006 years.

The yearly review took a gander at 92 of the biggest banking institutions with credit portfolios adding up to about $5 trillion, or 95 % of advances in the government financial framework. The report also forecasted that lending risk will keep increasing next year.

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The OCC gave a tip to managers of large financial institutions to consider their decisions carefully. A month ago, the OCC and other regulators of the US banking system discharged a joint report cautioning of significant insufficiencies in leveraged financing.

Like this almost 50% of banks change their lending criterion and make it easier. Today’s report also says that risky loans showed special slackening among merchant products.