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Top 25 Blockchain Influencers Disrupting the Industry in 2018

Jonha Richman Interview

Jonha Richman invests through her private investment fund, JJ Richman. The firm’s latest investments have been focused on real estate, equities, bonds, commodities, emerging technologies (such as AI, big data) and various other globally diversified assets.

Jonha Richman kindly agreed to give us an interview.

Q: Lending and borrowing on the blockchain. Is there a threat to banks or banks can benefit from such cutting-edge technology?

Just like in various other industries where processes could be streamlined, mortgage borrowing is one of those which could benefit from Blockchain.

Blockchain presents a distributed ledger system which could help streamline the process by simplifying the transfer of and access to information between parties – lender and borrower which currently is not only costly but also very time-consuming. Blockchain is a trustless, transparent, immutable system that could help cut the costs as well as time usually spent on these processes.

Q: Bitcoin now processes more transaction value than Visa. What does it mean for an average consumer?

Exciting times ahead. While most average consumers may have only heard of Bitcoin when the price increases, I think the real magic is when average consumers lives are impacted for the good as Bitcoin and other Blockchain projects will play a crucial role in enhancing day to day activities such as bills payments, smooth transfer of records (i.e. health technologies), real estate transactions, among others.

Q: What are the entrepreneurial opportunities in blockchain?

 Every problem presents a great opportunity for entrepreneurs. The key is finding the sweet spot within the problems you aim to disrupt, yours and your team’s capabilities as well as the appropriate timing when consumers want those problems to be solved.

Q: What industries may the Blockchain disrupt?

1. Healthcare where records could be shared, transferred and updated through the distributed ledger and achieve seamless updates and sharing.

2. Financial services such as payment systems.

3. Supply chain and logistics where most processes are either costly, redundant and susceptible to fraud.

4. Advertising.

Q: Can blockchain and AI learning be combined?

Both technologies present excellent opportunities to augment and streamline existing processes. Both technologies have also the distinct degree of technological complexities and multi-dimensional business implications which could present both opportunities and challenges, depending on how you look at it. At this stage, I think both industries still need to mature and hone the rough edges before we could fully embrace the idea of their integrations.

Q: Do you agree with this thought: “Bitcoin is going to do to banks what email did to the post office and Amazon did to retail”?

Yes. Not only Bitcoin but I think Blockchain (the underlying technology that powers Bitcoin) will help open up opportunities for existing processes to be disrupted and streamlined. Legacy processes and solutions need a massive overhaul and financial industry is one of those that hasn’t been fully disrupted for many years. In the current day and age, consumers are looking into more secure, transparent and cost-effective financial solutions. Blockchain presents a viable solution to that — and more.

Q: How does it feel to be the only woman in the list of Top 25 Blockchain Influencers Disrupting the Industry in 2018?

In a way flattering and humbling. I hope to see more people who are ultimately helping shape up the industry as a whole – regardless of race or gender.


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