celebrate christmas
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Surprisingly, many people tend to believe in things that have no historical basis and evidences. For example, have you ever thought about traditional Christmas?

We all are used to observe it on December 25, but nobody has questioned why. For more than 2 billion believers Christmas is a period, when they give gifts and decorate a Christmas tree. This is time of great spending. This holiday is very beneficial for keeping consumerism on a high level. But does it really honors the birthday of Jesus Christ? Let’s learn the real Christmas background.

Is December, 25 Really an Important Date?

The belief is that there was an angel who told shepherds about a birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. At that time these shepherds were with their sheep in the fields and decided to see newborn Jesus. But in the Bible you can not find the date of this event. Also, the Bible doesn’t tell to observe Christmas.

According to many credible historical documents, celebrating Christmas was even believed to be sinful. Moreover, Christ himself never told his 12 apostles to keep this holiday. When you read the Bible more thoughtful, you will understand that Dec.25 has no connection to date of Jesus birth. There is no such thing as a Christmas day celebration in the Bible.

The simple fact is that shepherds just couldn’t have stayed with their sheep in the fields in such nasty season. The last appropriate weather for keeping them in the open air is no later than in the last week of October. It can be proven by the weather conditions that are typical for Bethlehem.

This shows us a simple fact that, despite the common belief of 2 billion people, Jesus was not born on December, 25.

When Jesus Christ Was Born

Bible indicates the Jesus’ birth pointing the fall as the most likely season. It is said that Jesus was born in half a year after John’s birth. So, we can calculate the date, if we know the time of John’s birth. Zacharias (John’s father learnt that his wife would have a child during his temple service. Biblical calculations prove that this course of service was in June 13-19. Adding nine month, we realize that John was born in March. After adding another six month we get September as the likely time of Jesus’ birth.

Tradition of Giving Gifts

The first idea that you have about Christmas is that people give gifts to beloved ones. The inconsistency you can simply find in the Bible. According to it, you are required to give gifts to people in need during the year, but not particularly at the so called Christmas time. Moreover, these gifts should be made with desire to help and a giver should not want any glory or a gift in response.

Unfortunately, people usually give Christmas gifts because they want to get something back. Also gifts are made to people who don’t feel real necessity and who can make the same gift in return.

Thus, if you have a wish to please people you love with gifts, you don’t need to connect this wish to Christmas time.

The Truth about Santa Claus

All children are waiting for Christmas, as they are told that a good and generous Santa Claus will give gifts to all children with good behavior. In fact, the name of Santa Claus relates to the “good elf” that was a German pagan. He was thought to live in a forest and give gifts. Then this figure was associated with Saint Nicholas who was a Catholic Bishop. He had a long robe and a white beard, and children who behaved well received gifts from him.

This shows that we simply have no basis to appreciate Santa Claus as a person connected to Christmas. You also don’t need to decorate a Christmas tree, as it also originates from pagan traditions.

So, What to Do?

Like most people you are taught to follow the tradition of celebrating Christmas. It’s not wrong for people who just want to spend time with their families. However, you should not connect this date to the birth of Jesus Christ. So, if you are a true believer, you can make your own research and understand the true origin of this holiday.