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Insurance for Your Dogs

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Dog insurance is a type of coverage for the dog owners. It covers expected and unexpected expenses that are spent for dogs. This kind of insurance is the youngest one and exists for 25 years. Not every company provides this service but the number of services is rising every year. It isn’t popular among the Americans. Unfortunately, only 2% of the 72 millions of dogs in the USA are insured.

There are several types of dog coverage and it’s crucial to get information about the specific terms of the package before the application. Some packages cover accidents only, others accidents + illnesses. There are also packages that include ‘everyday expenses’ and vaccination.

It’s important to be cautious as some insurers require extra payments for the veterinarian. Only after that, a client can apply for coverage. Don’t forget to check out the list of expenses that a package doesn’t cover – it can be boarding, grooming or transporting.

Still, it’s better to calculate the average amount of money you spend on your dog. It happens that some packages aren’t profitable. Some people don’t actually need the dog insurance. Some of our lenders provide dog coverage on affordable conditions.