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Personal Money Service is not a direct lender, but a connecting service that matches your loan request with one of the trusted lenders participating in the wide online network, thus you get more chances to qualify no matter what your credit score is. Soft credit check doesn't impact your credit score.
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Online Installment Loans You Can Pay Back Monthly

Many people experience situations when they have to urgently fulfill a cash need and get guaranteed installment loans online. Is there a way to get qualified for such a lending solution. While some unreliable companies claim to provide the best installment loans with guaranteed approval but offer low-quality services, Personal Money Service can help you understand this lending product better and improve your chances of getting assistance.

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APR 59% - 199%
with AutoPay
Loan Term 9 - 24
Max Loan $4,000
APR 5.99% - 35.99%
with AutoPay
Loan Term 3 - 72
Max Loan $10,000
APR 6% - 35.99%
with AutoPay
Loan Term 6 - 60
Max Loan $5,000

Monthly Installment Loans for Bad Credit

Can you boast of having an excellent credit history? Bad credit installment loans were designed for poor credit holders and those who’ve made some errors in the past and want to fix them.

Sometimes finding bad credit loans with monthly payments from a direct lender is compared to finding your very first job after college.

You may want to be responsible and serious but they have too many demands you can’t qualify for. Is there a solution?

Yes, PersonalMoneyService can assist you in getting qualified help for covering any emergency by applying for small personal loans with bad credit and monthly payments today.

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No Credit Check Installment Loans - Myth or Reality?

Are you willing to plan a big wedding? Do you need extra funds to go on a long-awaited vacation? Are you short of cash to cover some unforeseen big-ticket purchases? Whatever your current emergency is, unsecured personal loans for bad credit are perfect.

Some consumers ask if borrowing options with no teletrack really exist. This is a challenging question and some finance-related service providers claim to offer such services in an attempt to attract more borrowers.

Teletrack is a credit monitoring and scoring tool that goes beyond traditional scoring methods and includes tracking payday and short-term cash advances on a consumer’s credit history.

However, we warn you to stay away from such ads. In reality, monthly installment loans with no credit check and ‘no turn down’ claims are more of a myth. Every lender performs a soft credit pull. You shouldn’t be afraid of it as it doesn’t mean to harm your credit score in any way.

This credit inquiry is conducted by the lenders to assess your payment history, evaluate your credit profile and employment status, and verify the details you’ve mentioned in your application.

This way they will know your creditworthiness and make the lending decision.

It may sound attractive to look for no credit check loans with monthly payments but we advise you to find a reputable lender.

What are personal installment loans and how do they differ from regular same day payday lending solutions?

Easy installment loans are suitable for the situations when you demand a larger sum of cash and want to obtain it for a longer term.

Fast loans with monthly payments allow borrowers to get quick funds that will be divided into equal parts defined by direct lenders only with the requirement to pay each part off every month.

Generally, a borrower is offered a fixed interest rate that can’t change during the repayment period which is convenient. This way you know how much you need to set aside each month. There is a possibility to acquire trusted small installment loans and simply set up a regular auto payment directly from your checking account.

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Loans You Can Pay Back Monthly with Bad Credit

Have you already tried to obtain a loan but failed? The reason for getting rejected is probably the wrong place you’ve turned to. Don’t be scared of not getting approved again. Generally, the options for obtaining monthly installment loans for bad credit are limited because of the credit itself. Have you experienced this in your life? Has your loan request been rejected because of your credit history? Finally, you can forget about going to the local banks and begging for money. is a special online platform which connects borrowers’ applications with the top-rated creditors. We cooperate with a wide database of creditors and direct lenders who are certified to provide such services as our company doesn’t give out loans. Thus, every person in need has an opportunity to get rid of the problems and erase emergencies once they submit their application. Even if your credit history isn’t perfect, you can still apply and get the necessary funds.

Online Loans with Monthly Payments - Borrow Responsibly!

Lending solutions for poor credit holders are very popular these days due to a rising number of consumers with issues in their credit profiles. While conventional financial institutions will most likely reject your request, trying to get the best installment loans for bad credit through has more benefits. We can’t claim guaranteed approval for fast cash loans with monthly payments but we will try and connect your application with the lenders who offer quick installment loans for people with bad credit as well.

The whole process is divided into three simple steps:

  • Fill in an easy web form. The requirements are easy, so you will need to submit your request for instant installment loans with your basic personal and banking data. It is necessary to check your identity and verify information so that the funds can be deposited into your banking account.
  • Get connected with direct lenders. Personal Money Service quickly matches your requests with a variety of lenders from the online network. We deal with a huge database of lenders so the whole process takes less time and is completely secure.
  • Get funded. Once your request is processed, you will be connected with the direct lender and notified whether your application is approved. The application will be quickly processed, although instant approval is not guaranteed.

Some people don’t know how to select the right lender or where to turn to for qualified assistance. Personal Money Service is ready to help you 24/7.

Follow these steps to choose the most suitable easy approval installment loans to cover your expenses:

  • Understand rates. Search for the lenders with the lowest APR so that the total installment cash loan cost isn’t too high for you. Some service providers ask for prepayment or origination fees, but we try to cooperate with lenders that don’t have any hidden charges.
  • Compare fees. When you receive several offers for short term installment loans from various providers, you have the right to select the best option. It means you should compare the fees, interest rates, and the repayment term before you make your decision and sign the contract.
  • Select the best term. It is also necessary to know how much exactly you need to cover your temporary costs and calculate the best repayment term. It shouldn’t be too long so that you don’t end up paying more in interest and being in debt for a longer time.

Direct installment loans you can pay back monthly with bad credit may either boost or hurt your credit rating. If you are responsible and repay the debt on time, it will be your chance to improve the credit score and get approved for better terms in the future.

When you need 2000 dollars fast, fast installment loans are a quick way to acquire the necessary funds for a longer period and pay them off with set installments on a monthly basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are installment loans?

An installment loan is a loan with monthly payments that can be repaid over a few months or even years. Such monthly loans are more suitable than payday advances for consumers who need a larger sum and want to have set regular amounts to repay over a longer time.

What is the difference between installment loans and payday loans?

Payday cash advances differ from low monthly payment loans as they are given only for a couple of weeks until the next payday. They usually have higher interest rates than poor credit installment loans and are given in smaller sums.

How do you get approved for an installment loan?

To get approved, you should be an 18-year-old US citizen with a stable income. Submit your online request, get matched with direct lenders, and learn if you qualify. You can borrow money for any purpose. The whole process is fast and secure.

Can you get an installment loan with bad credit?

Yes, you can get it. Try to apply through Personal Money Service and acquire monthly loans for bad credit with no hassle or tedious paperwork. We cooperate with a wide database of direct lenders, thus you have more chances to qualify even with a terrible credit score.

Do they check credit for installment loans?

Finance-related service providers and creditors always check credit to assess payment details and verify the employment data of the borrower. This process is quick and won’t hurt your credit rating. Online loans for bad credit with monthly payments also require a soft credit inquiry to check if a consumer has a steady income source to pay the debt off.

Can you get multiple installment loans?

You can apply for one installment loan on our web platform. It can be used to cover certain costs, finance big-ticket purchases, pay off the debt, etc. Once the debt is paid off on time, you can apply for a new one.