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Want to throw the best pool party? With fruity cocktails, festive floats, and creative ideas for bright, colorful décor, your epic pool party doesn’t have to cost you an arm and leg.

Don’t go nuts! All it takes is some creativity and careful planning. Fill your mind with plenty of pool party ideas to take your next poolside bash to the next level. Face it, we all love an excuse to get together and hang out. Dipping our toes into a pool is a great way to forget all the responsibilities for a little while.

While on the lookout for the best pool birthday party ideas, it’s classy to go off the deep end. In times when every buck counts, it’s easy to go on a spending binge and spend, spend, spend.

There’s nothing quite like the memories life’s biggest milestones can create. But the sad reality is that even the most beautiful memories can be overshadowed by a debt hangover. Yet, it’s never too early to start saving to avoid overspending on the big day.

When it comes to a pool party stuff like fill up water balloons, LED orbs, epic towels, tableware, snacks, and drinks, it makes sense to plan everything in advance. It might surprise you, but a whole host of cheap party ideas can save you a few bucks. Success!

Set the Tone for the Day with Pool Party Theme Ideas

The beauty of a pool party is its sort of the party theme all on its own. Moreover, it can be one of the cheapest places to have a party. Indeed, if it’s in the backyard:

  • 70’s style, movie night;
  • Hawaiian Luau;
  • Vegas party;
  • beach party;
  • white party.

There are tons of options to choose from. Once the choice is done, try to match the invitations with the theme, so your guests can have a taste of what’s to come.

Forget wasting money on paper invitations. Instead, send an email that conveys the mood of your pool themed party. Make it clear for your guests to understand what kind of party it’s going to be. For instance:

  1. Don’t bring anything but your bathing suit’ means that there’ll be a relaxing afternoon.
  2. OR invitation sounding like ‘Cocktails by the pool’ means that there’ll be no barbeque party with kids running around. Simple and great, right?

When thinking on how to provide an amazing atmosphere, planning a pool party is key. It can be very tempting to run to the store just before the party and fritter away money without noticing. Even if you’re throwing ‘under the sea’ themed party, you don’t need to go overboard on decorations. It should never seem as if you are trying too hard.

As professional party planner Audrey Bernstein states, casual floral decorations in small vases and strings of light are just enough to provide the right atmosphere. For the night pool party, a few small copper fire pits or miniature lanterns around the pool can turn even a cheap party into a memorable one.
Decorations are no fun or use to your guests when they are swimming away in the pool.

Instead, bring out fun toys to keep your guests occupied. Say, Frisbee and beach volleyball are among some great ideas for pool party games. Take time to find cute floaties in the shape of a donut or pizza, waterproof playing cards or other pool party stuff at reasonable prices. This will not only be fun but can save you a few bucks.

Keep Your Budget in Mind with Summer Pool Party Ideas

Whether you’re celebrating a child’s birthday or you just need an excuse to enjoy summer, pool parties are a perfect choice. Take advantage of your pool as the main attraction by using a variety of floats to remind your guests that the party is in the pool.

Check more ideas from Miss Remi:

Indeed, not all guests will be enjoying the pool all the time. So take care of setting up tables of food your guests can graze on whenever they feel like it. Arrange comfortable seating areas with decorative pillows for guests who want to lounge around.

One of the best night pool party ideas is to focus on creating an overall atmosphere. Again, no need to go expensive. Here are some great ideas for pool parties to keep you on budget. Utilize things that you have in your home. It’s a win-win if you have a supply of old jars or cheap tea lights around for this very purpose.

So, every time you start thinking on how to throw a pool party & not get overspent, don’t forget about the clean-up. Yes, you’ve heard that right. Sooner or later, your epic pool party is over. Now, it’s your job to take care of all the trash left behind by you and your guests.

And all the napkins, disposable utensils, plates and cups, empty bottles, cans or plastic bags you have used should be thrown away. With a do-not-buy list, it’s easier to save you hundreds of dollars on those food supplies.

Great Birthday Pool Party Ideas to not Overspend

With much focus on food, it’s easy to turn a birthday pool party into an overpriced extravaganza. Sure thing, your guests will be so hungry after swimming, that they will scarf down almost anything you put out. So, forget about cooking up anything fancy with lots of ingredients and dozens of steps.

Get one thing that cooks in the oven, like flatbread, a charcuterie plate, and maybe hummus, crudités, and olives.

Birthday pool parties do not have to drain your bank account if you shop smart. So, instead of getting a loan, save money and make your pool party a potluck. Nine out of ten times, your friends and guests will ask ‘What can I bring?’ So, take them up on it!

This is one of the best birthday pool party ideas letting you seriously ease the burden. Besides, as states, there are ten great ways to feed a crowd of ten or more for less than $20. So, why not to try?

Keep it simple – something grilled and easy to cook for a crowd is a must. This can be also things like pasta, chilies or stews. Go for frozen fruit pops, veggie sticks, chips and dip, mini crescent dogs, or anything that doesn’t necessarily require a fork and knife. Moreover, you can serve water and soft drinks, while your guests can bring their own alcohol.

If a voice in the back of your head is starting to say that things are out of control, don’t fret and listen carefully. If you don’t want to end up resenting the money you’ve spent, keep some cheap pool party ideas in mind before planning begins.

Want to know how to host a pool party and still save money? Time it wisely. So, if you don’t want to spend a lot on food, make the start time after dinner. It’s a quick way to cut the cost. Thus, you only need to worry about drinks and a few bowls of chips.

Once you decide how much you can spend, it’s easier to host a stellar bash without overspending. In case you know it’s hard to keep your fingers off, open a separate savings account.

Keep your eye open and feel free to mix and match ideas for a pool party to complement your party theme and have fun. Finally, concentrate on some stellar piece of advice from David Tutera, a celebrity wedding and party planner:

If a guest can go to a wedding and walk away knowing more about the bride and groom, that’s what makes a wedding much more unique

The same goes to any other special event like a pool party, for instance. It’s all about a person, not the party. Keep it in mind before planning it.

Ready, Set, Save!

So, are you ready to throw the best bash? Great! Make sure you’ve checked the list of inexpensive party ideas before you begin to plan. Considering that planning is the key, paying attention to small detail can take your cheap party to the next level. So, if you have a pool, the sun, and good company, you will likely have a successful event.