how to sell your house
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You already know how to choose a mortgage loan, but maybe you already own a house and simply want to sell it? When it comes to selling your house, there are decisions that you make along the way. These decisions could either cost you or save you a few coins. Before making any plans, it’s important that you make a selling plan.

The selling plan should include the repair budget, the expected sale value and the waiting time. It’s quite possible that you open a house for sale and it stays the whole year without getting a buyer. Try as much a possible not to make selling mistakes.

Before you put it for sale, there a few things you should put into consideration

1. Create a good impression. Your interior may be magnificent, but the first impression of the house is created by the exterior. You will find that many people judge a house even before they enter. It’s important to make the house attractive by focusing your attention on the exterior. Put up some bright flowers on the outside, do a repaint job on the door and also clean up the windows. With the house attractive enough, the list of buyers will increase.

2. Redo the kitchen. It’s important to know that most decisions in a home buying process are made by women. The kitchen being the place they spend most of their time in, you should have a magnificent kitchen on display. Try and replace the counter tops, clean up the sinks and upgrade your appliances. It’s also necessary to go for inexpensive but up to date appliances. When you do a repainting on the kitchen, use a neutral color as the buyers will start envisioning how they can upgrade the kitchen.

3. Be ready to show. You have put your house on sale and so it’s important to show it. Try and make your house show-ready always. This is because you can never tell when a buyer will show up. The shape of the house should be tip-top. You should avoid as much as possible leaving the sinks with dirty dishes, wet bathrooms and having dust bunnies in corners. It’s a little difficult to always be on top but this will help you sell your house faster.

4. De-personalize the house. When you put your house for sale, you should know that you are inviting people to come and look at it. The purchase is very sensitive and almost every homebuyer has to fund the new house with a mortgage, which makes it even more costly.

It’s important that the house stays neutral. This is achieved by depersonalizing it. Try and remove the more personal stuff and put them in the garage or store. This personal stuff may include family photos, personal keepsakes, and memorabilia collections.

This is because you want the buyer to imagine themselves living in that house. You can try and get a home stagier who will show you how to arrange your furniture to best showcase your house and make maximum use of the space.

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5. Good lighting. The lighting in your house should be good. Every buyer wants good light. You can maximize the lighting by cleaning the windows, replacing your old lampshades, pulling down throw drapes and you can also increase the wattage of the bulbs.

Try and make your house bright and cherry. You will be a step closer to making a sale.

6. The right pricing. This is a very crucial factor. The price of your house will invite or put off potential buyers. Get a property valuer who can give you the best price for the house as at that time and then reduce the price by 10 to 15 percent.

This will bring more buyers who will finally bid more than the set priced. This is a risky strategy but it will definitely help you sell your house easily.