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It’s important for you to understand that Personal Money Service is not a direct lender. The company does approve or issue loans, credit cards, insurance, or any other financial services.

We help connecting consumers with private lenders. There are no fees or charges for using our services.


When you apply for a loan, it’s vital to know the loan interest rates and terms. Each lender defines his rates and fees. We recommend checking this information directly with the lender that agreed to grant you a loan. We also encourage you to read Privacy Policy and Terms and Rates to make sure you have all the information.

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It is possible to get approved for a loan with a bad credit score. However, we never guarantee approval. We only may say that since we work with huge network of lenders, there is a chance you be approved for a loan despite bad credit score. Be advised that such loans usually have much higher interest rate. To read about out bad credit loans, click the button:

Bad Credit Loans


Only the lender himself can provide with straight reason of why you were not approved for a loan. However, we are ready to share the common ones.

  1. Bad credit score. Depending on the lender, the minimum required credit score to get an online loan will vary.
  2. Insufficient monthly income. Your income has to sustain monthly repayments. If the lender finds yours don’t, you will not get a loan offer.
  3. Loan purpose. This is a very rare reason, though may happen. Many loans, such as secured loans, business line of credit, and others, come with restrictions as to how the money can be used. Have a credible purpose and you won’t be rejected.
  4. You have too many loans. If you hold too many loans, this could be a good reason for rejection, since you have too many debts.
  5. Incorrect details. Lenders usually choose to verify the details you submit in the application.
  6. Employment history. In case you have insufficient or unstable employment history, you may be rejected. Lenders insist you have a stable job.
  7. Too many applications rejections. Every loan rejection get recorded on your credit report.

If you are able to avoid mistakes mention above, you may increase your chances of getting an approval.

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