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Gas will probably become more expensive, but people will continue driving a car anyway. You can save money on gas bill driving around the whole city looking for the best price all the time. However, this driving can also cost a sum. There are some other strategies and tricks that will help you pay less at the pump and reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Maintain your Car regularly

This is the first answer to the question ‘How to save money on gas?’ Try to change dirty filters more often and use the best motor oil for your vehicle whenever you tank it. If you use inappropriate motor oil, engine uses more energy and gas waste increases. If you do not know what kind of oil should be bought for your vehicle, check its manual.

Check Pressure of the Tires

Pay attention that the fuel consumption also depends on the air pressure in the tires. Therefore, the pressure must be checked while the tires are still cold every time you are going to drive. It will not be a crime if the tire pressure is higher than the normative pressure by 0.3 bar. Of course, this will increase the pressure on the suspension parts and on the bulk.  But this does not affect the quality of the ride and in most cases passengers will not notice it.

Drive Smoothly

Use all the available gearbox functions. The owners of cars for some reason forget about them very often. Select the economy mode or change it depending on the roadway. Switching to neutral transmission, you allow the transmission to cool down, which reduces energy costs. Get off the ground smoothly and without jerking. If your car is equipped with cruise control, and the track is not loaded, use it. By keeping the speed constant, you can also save a lot of fuel.

Find the Cheapest and the Closest Pump Station

In order to save on gas with the help of this strategy, search further from rich neighborhoods. Drive to the suburbs of the city. There are some apps that help find the cheapest tank station nearby (GasBuddy, Waze and AAA TripTik Mobile).

Do not tank up several times a week. It can harm your vehicle. Better wait till a quarter tank of gas is left and fill it with gas all the way.

Avoid Traffic Jams

Try not to get stuck in the traffic jams. Track the traffic on the future route several days before the trip, and choose the appropriate time. Try to ride less during peak hours. If you are stuck in traffic, try to accelerate and to stop smoothly. Watch out not only for the car driving in front of you, but also for the previous one – this will help you lose speed in advance. If the traffic jam does not move at all, muffle the engine. One should bear in mind, that a long road without traffic jams can take less time than a short one in a jam.

Drive Lightly

The next advice how to save on gas is to diminish the car mass. The less the car weighs, the less energy it needs to accelerate. When you are just planning to buy a car, you should pay attention to its weight and look at light models. Pay attention that with a load increase of only 100 kg, fuel consumption increases by approximately 20%. Get rid of unnecessary things and rubbish if you store it in the trunk. Do the cleaning and leave unnecessary stuff in the garage.

Take Advantage of Bonuses

Sometimes marketing tricks can save money on gas as well. At many pump stations, the drives are encouraged to use a range of bonus programs. Usually, when refueling for some large amount, the car owner is given a bonus card. Bonuses are calculated from all subsequent refills on this card, depending on the amount spent.

There is another version of this program: you are credited a certain percentage of the amount spent on the bonus card. Accumulate the desired amount on the bonus card and then pay with bonuses. This program binds you to a specific gas station, but why not, if you are satisfied with the quality of gasoline, maintenance and price.

Use Gas and Brake Pedals Consciously

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Do not press gas when starting the engine. Move slowly from the place and switch to the second gear straight away. Drive at a constant speed. Frequent braking and acceleration increase fuel consumption by up to 6%. Use engine braking.

If you want to slow down a bit, take your foot off the gas. You can reduce your fuel consumption by 2% in such a way.

Use creative ways of cutting down on gas costs. Changing the manner of driving and checking your car regularly can save a fortune. Find the best time to tank. Usually, it is late at night or early in the morning.

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