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There are a few important things to say about February. First of all, it’s a short month. Secondly, this month we celebrate an amazing holiday of St. Valentine’s Day, so get gifts for your beloved ready! And, finally, it’s the last winter month so the winter season is almost over and we can start getting ready for spring.

However, February may be a short month, but there is plenty of money saving opportunities! Don’t be lazy to check and use them because frugality is always good for your budget! Personal Money Service shares hottest money saving tips for the coldest month.

Bonus: Most likely, you know that not all the money tips really work. Check our list of bad money saving tips and never use them!

Make Your Own Gifts for St. Valentine’s Day

We have already shared some unromantic truth about Valentine’s Day spending, we want you to be extra careful. You may be considering buying a gift for your second half, and it can be an expensive gift, but it’s also a good idea to make something yourself. Moreover, handmade gifts show even more care.

Take your time and think what could be interesting for your beloved (your gift can be connected with hobbies and interests). One of the ideas is to print out photos where you are together and create a photo album or a collage. It’s nice and it’s a memorable thing.

Buy Meat and Seafood

It’s always good to have an opportunity to save on groceries and February provides us with discount prices for meat and seafood. People get ready for Valentine’s Day and stores are full of meat and fish but after the holiday demand for these products falls and they will be available with a significant discount. That’s why clear up some space in your freezer for reduced-price meat and shrimps!

Use Seasonal Foods for Your Meals

There’s something good in every month and February is not an exception. This month offers us broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower and citrus like grapefruit, lemons, oranges.

Keep in mind, it’s not a full list of seasonal products! Meals from these fruits and veggies are good both for your health and your budget.

You check best February recipes to get new ideas for your cooking and impress your family with something new. Also, it’s a good time to start planning your garden. Needless to say, that growing your own food is a great way to keep your grocery bills under control!

Stock Up on Snacks

stock up on snacks
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If you like chips, soda and frozen finger foods, then February is definitely your month! Why?

Because Super Bowl is almost here and such foods will be on sale the week before! Mark February, 7 in your calendar and get ready for the game! After it you’ll be able to take advantage of unsold party trays and special Super Bowl goods.

Bonus: Check where to find cheap sport tickets!

Watch Oscar-nominated Films

It’s time to get ready for the movie marathon! Fortunately, it’s possible to see all 8 movies nominated for Best Picture at a discount. For example, Cinemark offers $40 festival pass for admission to all 8 movies spread out during Oscar week (February 22-28). Also AMC Theatre’s Best Picture Showcase will take a place on February, 20 and February, 27. It’s a two-day event and you’ll be able to see 4 movies per day.

Use Coupons

New month always comes with new coupons, so don’t waste your opportunity to save more money! Moreover, thanks to President’s Day sales stores will be providing some great coupons. If you have something to buy, most likely, there will be a coupon for it. Make a list of necessary purchases, find coupons and use them!