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People, who manage to organize their personal and professional life, are more successful than those, who used to live for the moment. Plus, you never need to wonder whether you need to consolidate your debt. Money requires particular attention. If you used to waste your salary and savings thoughtless, having no idea how much money remains in your wallet or on your credit card, this article is definitely for you.

Organizing your budget will help you to avoid financial problems but if you, still, have them, apply to such reputable services as Personal Money Service. However, let’s try to go without taking a loan and organize budget with a help of the following 8 categories.

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Financial Management

Don’t worry, if you are far from Math and Economy. Money management is the way to stay on the track about your income and wastes. It will help you to understand how much money you got, have and need.

Income Flow

Income flow is a category that refers to the income you make during the month. Why is it so important? It’s important as nowadays people tend to have several sources of income: full-time job in the daytime, part time job in the nighttime, work on the Internet, partial work (any one-time assignments).

Without any additional tools, it’s difficult to have an overall picture of your income. Therefore, it’s essential to create a general income flow containing several streams.


money you receive from your recruiters
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This category of finances refers to money you receive from your recruiters every month on a particular day in envelope. This money you make out from your daytime work. This is your active income.

Unfortunately, your active income will never help you to make a fortune. Obviously, it’s highly taxed. ‘

So, your impressing amount of money in the envelope turns into a tiny satisfaction for your hard work (Learn more about David Ramsey’s envelope system). Remember, successful people rarely succeed with the help of their active income.

Nevertheless, this category has to be as it’s the main income flow for most of the Americans.


This category is a nightmare for most of the people, who have ever used to have a debt. It goes without saying, that becoming successful with a debt as well as with your active income is impossible. While you have a debt, you can, actually, forget about living without problems. We don’t frighten you but debts always make people feel uncomfortable.

There are no “beneficial” or “disadvantageous” debts. They all fall into the disadvantageous category.


Not every person saves money but most of them do and it’s good. Having savings is, especially, good for emergency situations when you require money so badly but don’t want to borrow them or take the debt. Saving money is a difficult process because we always need something. Therefore, it’s better to have your savings in the bank, not in your wardrobe. Sometimes all you need to do is to know how to calculate you savings and spending.


Investments aren’t the same thing as savings as their goal isn’t only to save your money but also increase their amount. Wise investments will help you to make a fortune and provide you and your family with everything you need. Wise investments will also save you from taking debt.

But, unfortunately, not every investment can be called so. Buying a house isn’t an investment as well as buying a jewelry, iPhone or underwear by Calvin Klein. A good investment is a business, which won’t bring you such extra spending as house or cell phone but will bring your more money.

Personal Issues

This category may be a surprise for you but it, actually, makes sense. This category consists in your attitude to money. Your attitude means how you spend them: wisely or thoughtlessly, how you save them or don’t save at all, even how you put them to your wallet and lend them to others.

The other personal issue is based on your relations with others when it comes to money. If funds are a cause of stress on your work or a cause of problems between you and your partner or in your family, then this money won’t bring you benefit. Also, check if you are able to pass financial stress test!

Standards of Livings

Your standards of living mean a lot when it comes to becoming wealthy. If your standards are too high, then it will be difficult for you to build your own empire. If you are ready to pay $10 000 for a meal, or   $100 000 for a purse, then your material things will prevent you from being successful. Nowadays, most of the reputable businessmen are focused on the quality of their thoughts and the attitude to material things. A wise attitude means a lot. Always keep it in mind.

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