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How to Improve a Credit Score?

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As it was said in the previous answers, a credit score is a three-digit numerical expression, which defines your creditworthiness. It doesn’t act as a decisive factor for the approval of the credit. Nevertheless, it reflects your future ability to pay off the debt. So, financial bureaus and lenders pay attention to this number.

Most of the lenders use FICO scoring system, which covers numbers from 300 to 850. According to this system, a good credit score is everything above 700. If your credit score is lower than 700, then you need to improve it.

Obviously, the simplest financial hint we can give you – pay off your bills and debts on time and create a favorable credit history. Along with this tip, try to get out of the debt (maybe consider debt consolidation help). When you apply for a new loan, ensure you don’t have debts that influence your credit score. Another good variant lies in creating a secured credit card.

This card requires the money in your savings account as security and creates a good payment history. A credit history, which contains different types of loans, has more chances to be accepted by a lender. Still, the main way to improve a bad credit score and maintain a good one lies in having no debts.