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Getting a Travel Health Insurance

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Before applying for additional travel insurance, check out your current coverage plan. Some of the plans already include international expenses – treatment in other countries or medical evacuations. Still, the best way to not to fall into a trap is to contact your insurer and ask for detailed information. Don’t forget that some of the credit card companies offer lost baggage expenses coverage.

The easiest way to get travel insurance is to get it along with your trip. Most of the travel agencies offer package tours that already include the travel coverage. Still, not every coverage plan pays off all expenses.

There are accidents such as sunburn or an accident under alcohol influence that aren’t included in the insurance plan. So, familiarize with all cases beforehand and be careful.

Don’t forget to ask about evacuation coverage that allows holders being evacuated to the nearby country for the medical treatment or to get a shelter. The price of the travel coverage is lower than a cost of the whole trip, usually, it owes 5-7% of the complete cost of the trip.

Furthermore, the price depends also on the age of the applicant – people under 17 owe less money for a coverage, while people over 50 more.