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Getting Health Insurance

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There are several ways to get health insurance. If you decide to apply for it, you can get it from your employer or find your own one if you are self-employed – it’s the cheapest way. According to COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1985), an employee, who has recently left the job, has a right to prolong coverage for 18 months but pay premium independently.

In other cases, apply to Personal Money Service to compare different insurance companies  – our professionals will help you to compare the terms of the insurances of different companies. A fee-for-service plan is another option, which allows holders decide independently when to see a specialist.

Unfortunately, the premiums might be higher than usual one and if the cost of medical service is higher than it was considered, you will have to pay for it independently.

The other type of health coverage contains a managed plan and, thereby, a provider decides when you need to see a specialist. For this kind of insurance, apply to preferred provider organizations (PPOs), point-of-service (POS) networks, which are actually similar to PPOs, or health maintenance organizations (HMOs) that offer strict terms but are affordable.

Meanwhile, learn how to choose the best health insurance.