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Apply for a Loan to Buy a House

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Most people need to get a mortgage to purchase a house. Before getting a loan you need to collect all necessary documentation and decide on some important points of the process of buying a home:

  • Zip Code. It will tell your lenders where you are planning to buy a house.
  • Down payment you can afford. It can depend on a type of loan you get and on your personal financial possibilities.
  • Social Security Number. Any lender will require it to check your credit situation. According to this information, the lender can determine what amount of debt you will be able to cover each month. A loan provider also checks your credit score to determine the interest rate for you.
  • Detailed employment and income information to prove your solvency. This will insure that you are able to make regular mortgage payments.
  • Assets you have. You’ll need to list the money you have in your accounts: savings, retirement, etc.

With this information, a lender will form a mortgage offer. You can search for the best deal with Personal Money Service.