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How to Dispute Credit Report?

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When you look through a credit report, you might find inaccuracies. In order to fix them, you have to dispute the report. If you don’t know how to dispute a credit report, you should start with disputing letter to the company.

In the disputing letter, you should state the issues that you want to fix, present facts that prove that a report contains errors and why do you want to dispute. The letter should contain clear facts. Otherwise, the company might consider dispute inappropriate. Along with a letter, you have to send copies of all documents and a copy of the credit letter. Include your name and address. Send a letter via email with “return receipt requested” mark. Save the copy of the disputing letter.

Within 30 days, companies usually consider the request and make conclusions. Afterwards, a credit reporting company must notify you about the investigation of the issue and its results. If the information in the recent credit report is inaccurate, a credit reporting company has to notify two other companies about it.

If the agency rejects the request, the statement of the dispute must be included in the report.

Every borrower should know how to dispute credit report online. Each of the three major credit-reporting companies has this option on their websites. For instance, Dispute.TransUnion.com is an active link for TransUnion company.