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How Much is Health Insurance?

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Health insurance is considered to be a costly option but those, who want to insure their health, are forced to purchase health plans for different prices. Obviously, there is different coverage and the price policy depends on the different factors including an insurance agency, of course.

You can apply for low-cost insurance or small business insurance from your employer – it will cost you less than a simple health coverage plan. Still, a price of the usual insurance from the agency is rising every year. Nowadays, an average adult will have to pay from $80 to $100 per month and from $150 to $220 if he/she wants to reduce a deductible. People under 30 will pay less – approximately $60-$140 per month.

Couples under 30, who need to purchase a policy, will pay $115-$220 per month while those, who are over 30, – $150-$350. Families will obviously pay more – $225-$550 a month. This data is average and is based on the terms of different agencies.

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