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How Do You Send Money?

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Our company doesn’t send money to our clients. We work with the reliable lenders, who are ready to provide customers with the financial help and transfer money directly to you. The inner process is simple – you submit a request by the fulfilling the application form, our service sends it to the lenders and the suitable lenders reply on the request in case you meed their requirements.

After, they contact you via email and you choose the most suitable one. The following cooperation depends on you. You are free to ask to fix the conditions and adjust to your credit situation and financial opportunities. The lender considers your request and either agrees with it or not. Still, everything depends on you.

The funds you receive with a help of your bank account. A lender transfers the money to your bank account as soon as possible. That’s why it’s crucial to have or create your account. Without it, you simply won’t get your money!

You always can maintain the contact with your lender with a help of email and fix all issues directly. Our role ends when we assure you with available lenders. Still, we insist on high competence and reputation of our financial partners. For more information, read Privacy Policy of Personal Money Service.