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Interest Rate on a Credit Card

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In fact, credit card interest is the way the bank holders and credit card unions owners increase their revenue. The interest is the amount of money that is withdrawn from time to time. It’s a real cost of the money that is borrowed.

Unfortunately, most of the borrowers don’t know how the credit card interest works and, thereby, banks and financial unions win. That’s why the accurate picture of how the interest is calculated and grows is crucial.

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Let it be $100 that you have borrowed. Let it be $10 of the interest you are charged to pay monthly. So, the next time you will come up with a regular payment, your debt will cover $110 (100 x 0, 10). The next time your debt will contain $121 (110 x 0, 1).

The calculation process is simple but it’s important to stay tuned – the main working principle of the credit card interest lies in its constant growth. Thereby, pay off regular sums of money on time to free yourself from stressful situations at the end of the payment period.

Don’t forget that banks don’t earn anything when you postpone payments, so don’t make them restrict the terms. Also, you need to know that a 0% credit card isn’t the best choice either.