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How Can I Buy A Home With Bad Credit?

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If you want to buy a home and your credit score is low, you should consider the following options. At first, you can apply for US FHA, or Federal Housing Administration, loan insurance.

The FHA makes it possible to get a mortgage by assuming the risk of borrower’s default. You need to prove your financial stability, but possible past bankruptcy or foreclosure are not taken into consideration.

Secondly, you may ask somebody to be a cosigner on your mortgage. Another possible option is to search for a seller who will carry the note. But this requires you to have good relations with a seller that makes the choice more limited.

Also, you can find a private mortgage lender who will offer you a mortgage on a higher interest rate terms, as you are a risky borrower. Mind that borrowing with bad credit will cost you more money. So, consider all options before deciding to get a mortgage for buying a home.