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Health Insurance for Students

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Student health insurance is coverage, which is provided exactly for students. The plans are created according to the students’ lifestyle and demands. The packages are offered by universities and colleges.

If a student doesn’t apply for insurance at the college, he/she must provide insurance from the insurance company.

If you are a student, it’s important to apply for STUDENT coverage as specific plans include travel insurance, for instance. Most of the students travel during their academic life, so travel insurance is a handy option. Furthermore, there are packages that cover the expenses for the illnesses that are typical for students (SARS, for instance) and for the reproductive and sexual health services.

Only student insurance offers all necessary services – that’s why it’s important to choose it unless you are a student.

You can apply for a package to your university or to the insurance company. An insurance company provides an advanced set of services but you can also pay more.

The lenders, with whom Personal Money Service works, may also offer student coverage on reasonable terms for affordable prices. Contact us if you have questions.

Right now you can find out ways of how to choose health insurance.