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Recently it has been announced that 21.5 million Social Security numbers have been stolen by hackers in the result of breaking the personal database of a federal agency. The situation is quite dangerous, as every person who has a government background check during the last 15 years is likely affected by this event.

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In May the results of this breach were discovered due to the interagency forensics investigation. According to the provided information, some really important and “sensitive” data has been stolen from the database of the agency background investigation.

In numbers, this can result in 21.6 million people whose personal data has been stolen, including 19.8 million people who made applications for background investigations and 1.8 million of those who have not applied, first of all, spouses and cohabitants of applicants.

According to the undisclosed sources, most people of this attacked group are middle-class Americans who have no appropriate means to solve such problems by themselves.

Here are some excerpts from interviews with background investigators.

Information about Fingerprint Records

That’s what the agency announced:

If an individual has been under a background investigation in 2000 or during the further 15 years (which can occur by the applying on forms SF 85, SF 86, or SF 85P for new investigations or periodic investigations), this cyber attack has an impact on this individual with high probability. However, the probability is dramatically lower if an individual has been under investigation earlier than 2000.

In results of such break of security, the OPM Director was resigning due to the announcement of the White House.

The original announcement claims that they have not still found any information sustaining that the stolen data is used in the wrong way or is going to be used.

During the last two month, the OPM discovered two main breaches with important information stolen.

Due to the June announcement, the OPM has discovered a breach in April. The result of this breach likely influences on the 4.3 million federal employers. Moreover, the personal data of former and current employers have been stolen.

Cybersecurity Improving

In the result of such cyber attacks, the security center has to admit that hackers are always using new techniques and are on one or even two steps ahead. That is why it’s highly necessary to improve the cybersecurity and use more developed techniques, as well as update security system all the time. The companies like the OPM need to develop their possibilities to protect personal data from such cyber attacks.

Unfortunately, today the level of hackers are very high and the protection of most companies are vulnerable, as traditional protecting antivirus systems simply don’t react on new forms of viruses and cyber-attacks. As a conclusion, it’s necessary to say that these companies need to increase the level of protection to make personal data secure.