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Get Public Records Removed from Credit Report?

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You should understand that there are three types of public record information: bankruptcy, tax liens, and civil judgments. Before answering the question “When do public records get removed from my credit report?” you should figure out what kind of information you want to get rid of.

Personal Chapter 7 bankruptcy remains on the credit report 10 years. Personal Chapter 10 bankruptcy – 7 years from the filing date.

The credit bureaus claim that removing bankruptcy from your credit report is impossible. Still, you can try to dispute this information to all three credit bureaus. You can state the inaccuracy of the information and ask the credit bureaus to provide verification of your bankruptcy. They must respond to the letter within 30 days.

Credit Report Help

You can dispute information independently but it’s better to apply to the experienced disputing company to reach a result.

Trying to figure out how to have a public record removed from your credit report, you should consider civil judgments removal. Civil judgments are financial court judgments. They appear when you are sued and you lose and have a debt to a court. They remain on credit report for seven years from the filing date.

Tax liens contain information about unpaid taxes. Unpaid taxes remain on the credit report up to 15 years, while the paid taxes – for 7 years.

You can try to dispute all kind of information. Still, speaking of the civil judgments and tax liens, it’s better to pay them off. Information about public records that are paid is less significant to the lenders. Plus, the oldest the public record is the less impact on your credit score it has. It has also less impact on the lender’s decision.

When the public record is deleted, it also has no impact at all. From this time, you can rebuild your credit history and become a trustworthy lender.

This was a universal answer to the “How do I get public records removed from my credit report?” question but every situation can contain its own pitfalls and things that can improve it. Therefore, it’s better to consult with a lawyer.