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If you conduct some research, you will most likely find numerous government-sponsored programs, which give free money for senior citizens, for health care insurance, for single mothers, 101 student aid or even rehabilitation from natural disasters program.

Basically, it is not always you who always need to find ways to borrow money online. Keep reading to find top government programs that can give you money for various needs.

Money from Previous Pension Plans

Sometimes it happens that the company you have been working for went bankrupt or became an acquisition activity target. In this case, people are more concerned about finding a new job rather than making inquiries about their existing pension plan. And after some time passes, it even vanishes from their head completely.

However, you can still count on Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation. They have a big database where you can check whether you could have been associated with any pension plan or if you have disregarded one.

  • Visit and check all the available plans.

Money Owed to You

This option may sound really surprising or even shocking when you first hear about it. But according to statistics, there are millions of dollars from the government waiting to be requested every year. If the statistics are correct, the unrequested money has its rightful respective owners, but for some reason, they don’t know about that.

For instance, this money can appear when you put it to your utility as a deposit and later forgot about it when you changed your locale.

  • Visit to find more information about any possible unclaimed money owed to you. This website is run by the government and will assist you with potential unclaimed money.

Helping out with Foreclosure

We know life is becoming more and more difficult, so a lot of people have to tighten their belts in order to make ends meet. The number of people suffering from damage caused by foreclosure has increased dramatically over the past years. It’s certainly not a condition we wish you to find yourself, however, if such a disaster has already happened with you, don’t give the way to despair.

You may feel quite unlucky at the moment, but we promise there are other options you can resort to. For example, a Home Ownership Preservation Foundation program (HOPE) from the government is able to provide all the necessary help for you to make a plan on how to preserve your home.

  • Go to to find their details and more useful information.

Money to Buy a House

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) provides help in different aspects of home ownership. In other words, you get free money from the government for selling, buying or repairing the homes.

Moreover, you can get more than just expert advice or opinions from this organization. They actually give people real money for closing costs and down payments.

  • To get more detailed information about this kind of governmental help, visit

Health Insurance for Kids

If you are a parent, you obviously know what kind of rip off paying for your kid’s insurance can be. It was always a problem, however, these days health insurance costs are even more damaging for an average family budget.

A good thing to know is that there exists a general health insurance program for kids at the governmental level. This program takes care of hospital stays, drug prescriptions, and doctor visits and covers the majority of expenses concerning the health of your kids. The only admonition is that the parents have to be working.

  • Go check to learn more about this opportunity.

Money for Energy Bills

get money for paying electricity bills
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There are lots of articles and information about how to save your money and deal with the energy bills. Storm windows, good insulation or weather-stripping make your home much more energy-efficient.

In the wide sense, promoting US citizens to become more energy efficient can help to decrease energy consumption in the whole country and therefore save natural resources.

For this particular reason, the US government together with the Department of Energy has developed a plan called the Weatherization Assistance Program.

According to it, the government is going to give money to any person, who is willing to make their home more energy efficient.

P.S.: Stay with us and you will learn even more insane facts about money and where you can get it.