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Can I Get a Conventional Renovation Loan?

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You can get a conventional renovation loan, but it depends much on the lender you choose. Mind that renovation loans are much riskier than the other types of loans, so lenders don’t so easily agree to invest in your renovation.

However, you can search for a lender who will be interested in your situation. Get to know what are the conventional loan credit score requirements beforehand. You will get more chances if your credit score is high enough, as conventional loans always require higher scores than the same loans guaranteed by the government.

The solution of your lender also depends on the condition of your house. In case you need just little repairs, you will get money easily. But if your house is damaged too much, it will be more difficult to find a lender. The problem is that lenders don’t want to lose their money, in case you default on the loan or if the house is ruined at all.