frugal holiday decorating tips
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It’s hard to imagine Christmas without a beautifully decorated house. Holiday centerpieces and twinkling lights create this special holiday mood and make us feel all the magic of the upcoming holidays. However, all the decorations can be quite expensive.

Every year retailers offer us new trends, images, and colors to make us spend more. There is good news – you can beautifully decorate your house without breaking the bank! Personal Money Service has already shared the secrets of celebrating Christmas on a budget, so now it’s time to get to know how to save on holiday decorations.

Check and Use What You Have

Before buying something new, frugal people check what they already have. As we said in one of our previous articles, before making a holiday dinner check which products you already have and how you can use them to cut your holiday shopping list.

That’s what you have to do before rushing to one of the stores to buy holiday decorations! Check which decorations you already have and find some ideas on how to use them this year. Remember that you can always update your décor with a few simple additions!

Use Natural Resources

Wherever you live, look around to find and an inspiration in the natural world. For example, you can use pine cones and threaded dried apple slices. Just take a look around yourself and you’ll find Christmas inspiration and ideas for your home decorating. The most important is to remember that nice decorating is not about the money, it’s about fantasy and efforts.

Use Your Collections and Souvenirs

celebrate Christmas on a budget
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Every family has Christmas souvenirs, so it’s time to use them! Unpack salt-and-pepper shaker collection and put it on your Christmas table. Group cups and saucers around a teapot on a tray and add some nice decorations.

Also, you can put souvenirs on a tree and, for example, create a travel tree with souvenirs, ornaments, and postcards. For sure, you’ll find a lot of inspiration when you’ll unpack your boxes with ornaments and decorations from last years, so don’t rush to buy new ones.

Choose a Personal Theme for Christmas Décor

Consider a personal theme for Christmas decoration. It’s not just meaningful and fun, but it also gives others ideas for gifts. If you’re invited to someone who chose a personal theme for Christmas, it’s much easier to choose presents! In any case, choosing a theme can simplify decorating decisions. Moreover, you can choose a theme based on items you already have and you’ll save good money! Also, pay attention to DIY Christmas decorating ideas to make some decorations yourself.

Shop Locally

There’s no need to underestimate local stores, holiday fairs, and bazaars. Some people think that they can only buy nice and cheap decorations in major supermarkets but holiday bazaars are a great source of affordable items. Supporting local crafters let us save money so why not take advantage of it? It’s also great if you start getting ready for Christmas ahead and have time to compare prices (don’t forget to use these helpful apps to make a price comparison if you plan to shop in major chain stores).

Find Ideas in the Kitchen

Go to your kitchen and you’ll find a holiday inspiration over there! For example, you can build a gingerbread house together with your kids and have a lot of fun. Make special Christmas cookies and decorate them together with your family. Also, you can take regular cookies and make holes in them with a help of soda straw. Then string ribbons through the holes and hang your cookies on a Christmas tree!

As you can see now, holiday decorating can be beautiful, fun and frugal. Don’t hesitate to try these ideas and have an amazing holiday without breaking the bank!