free tools for small business
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You do know the steps to getting a small business loan, but either you’re just planning on making your own business or you’re already on a startup stage, by now you must be realizing how hard it could be to manage things all by yourself and wear lots of hats.

Promotion, logo design, social media and a website – this is just a basic list of your initial tasks, requiring some of the computer tools, which you should usually pay for.

Fortunately, there exist several of quite good alternatives of those tools and resources absolutely for free, although not all of the entrepreneurs are aware of them. Personal Money Service has done our top 15 free tools and resources that might be simply in hand for your small business.

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To begin with, we’ll start with some of the most basic design tools either for your website or social media accounts. The Flatcon holds free vector graphics, which is great for infographics or any scaled up images.


As a free alternative to chargeable Adobe Photoshop, GIMP serves for exactly same purposes as its expensive “brother”. The websites contains similar tools and is very convenient in its usage.



Canva makes it even easier! There you can already take ready layouts or image sets and simply add up your pics. Here you’ll find a plenty of free images and vector graphics, although there’s an option of getting premium ones ($11 for each piece).

Google Voice

If you’d like to have a non-personal phone number, than Google Voice is your savior. And you can easily attach the number to your personal phone.


Moving to free communication software, the first ones that usually come to our mind are emails, which, no doubts, are great, but let’s add up several more tools to your list. Google Hangouts gives you an opportunity to do free video calls. What’s makes it so special and distinctive from usual Skype?

Well, just like Skype, with Hangouts you can quickly turn to screen sharing, have multiple people included in the conversation etc. But the last one is much faster and built up more convenient for business matters. Besides, you could use Hangouts on air to record your conversations directly to Youtube.


Those two wonderful sites is a great PR tool and a great resource of finding most popular bloggers/journalists of your category, in case you would like to use their services get “public”.

Google Analytics

This is just another great Google tool for you to use! With Google Analytics you’ll be able to not only see your site’s visitors, but find out which what they’re getting there.

Google Webmaster Tools

This one is a definite must-have! Google webmaster tools is able to identify your site’s performance in Google.


Still having a domain with no website? Then, use up WordPress for building a good-looking website without paying a singly penny for it. You’ll be amazed with how many choices of design you’re offered there.


Along with your website, don’t forget about the social media promotion. What you simply do is throwing posts in buffer and schedule them for a precise time.


Every business requires to have a strict budget plan, thus there exist some awesome financial tools for young entrepreneurs. If you want to feel confident about your financing, then the first one that comes to mind is Mint, which tracks your money, stores them onto your accounts and even pays for your bills. What’s even more easier?


Running your business means a constant work with documents, tables, charts etc. If you don’t have an installed Microsoft office, then OpenOffice tool can be a very good replacement to it.


With the following service you can do notes, add up pictures or some other information make organized notebooks online.


How do you feel about business podcasts? We think it’s very convenient to listen to some useful radio talk shows whenever you have a minute or two in your car or during your lunch break in the office. Stitcher is the best app for such radio streaming.

Dropbox/Box/Google Drive

Those three tools for storing files and sharing them between computers or your electronic devices with more than 5gb of free storage are your total must-have!