3 Financial Lessons
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Curtis Jackson III, better known as 50 Cent, has recently gone bankrupt. Most likely, you know about it already from TV news or magazines and newspapers. Many people have the same question: “How is it possible to lose so much money so quickly?”. 50 Cent was one of the richest hip-hop artists in the world and most of us could never imagine that he will ever file for bankruptcy.

He sold more than 20 millions of albums and got rich very quickly. As financial analysts say, it often happens to people who get very high incomes for very short periods of time. Use these tips to avoid bankruptcy filling and try to learn from the others’ mistakes.

Choose Worthy Investments

When you have enough money you don’t have to think about how to get a loan with bad credit, instead of this you think what to do with this money and how to make it work. Financial professionals, who work with famous people advice to be choosy about investing money. Many wealthy people invest carelessly in real estate or early-stage business ventures. But it’s not worth acting carelessly because it’s your money! Choose a worthy project and think long term. Pay attention to operating terms to understand what your obligation is.

Work With the Right Advisor

We always like when people we’re talking to understand and support us. But it’s not the crucial factor to pay attention to when choosing a financial advisor. Your advisor should not be afraid to tell you “no” when you choose the wrong places to invest. Actually, by choosing to use financial advisor’s service, you choose to keep personal and business finances separate, so choose the right person you can trust to.

Yes, it’s hard to let someone choose how to deal with your money but keep in mind that an experienced financial advisor will help you to make wise financial decisions. Moreover, he/she will explain how to invest smart and how you can grow your capital.

When you have money in your hands, everything seems easy but when it comes to making decisions – that’s where the problem can arise. Financial advisor’s task is to explain how to organize your money wisely and to invest smartly. That’s why it’s worth choosing the right advisor and following the recommendations!

Start Saving Early

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There are many people living only for today. Those who faced wealth in a short timespan often think that they have nothing to be afraid of and that the money will stay with them forever. However, financial analysts say that thinking like this is a mistake.

Having the money today doesn’t mean that you’ll have it tomorrow. Things change and quite often they change up not in accordance with your plans. One of the biggest mistakes of wealthy people is not planning for the future.

Many of them skip building savings, making investments and saving for retirement. Take it as a rule: whatever your living situation is, always make space for savings. The earlier you’ll start building it, the more you’ll have in the end. If you rely only on funds you have today, you may be disappointed when you find out that there’s nothing for emergency occasions.


As you can see, bankruptcy happens even to the richest people in the world. But still, there are things you can do to prevent it. Don’t take making investments lightly, choose worthy projects to put your money in. Choose good financial advisors who can say no in case you’re putting an eye on not such a profitable project. Start saving money early and plan your future, don’t just think for today. And the most important thing: never skip saving for retirement!