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If you need to buy new business equipment, you need to consider equipment financing option we are ready to provide. To increase business efficiencies and enhance its profitability, update software or buy a new one, apply for equipment loan. Personal Money Service is here to support and grow your business. It always takes money to make more money.

Get quick access to cash with your equipment used as collateral and very little paperwork needed to process the loan.

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Quick, Easy and Secure

These would be the words to describe us. We offer quick solutions for small business equipment loans. Let’s say, you need to apply for restaurant equipment financing. The nest part is that most business can qualify for equipment financing. The application takes minutes to submit. Your data is secure, as we use SSL certificate to make sure you can trust us with the information you provide.

It’s easy to find the right kind of funding, as we have retail loans and merchant cash advance options, a line of credit and term loans. Choose whatever fits your business best and proceed with the business loan application form. There are many equipment financing companies, but we work with credible lenders only. We work with those who even provide with heavy equipment financing.

Your Equipment as Collateral

For instance, you need a construction equipment financing. The amount of money you can qualify for and the interest rate you will need to pay will depend on the value of the equipment you need to purchase, your credit score and the business history. When your credit score is bad, equipment becomes collateral. Equipment loan lenders for small businesses always eagerly secure their loan.

To sum up the above, the amount and terms of your equipment financing depend on the cost of your equipment. Unlike with banks, alternative lenders do not demand extra collateral from you. As you can see, it's not like a working capital loan.

Effective cash flow management is crucial for any size of the business. Current economic climate dictates its terms, and equipment financing seems like a good choice no matter what business you are in. If you are ready to grow your business faster and manage finance wisely, you need to apply for your equipment loan with Personal Money Service.