new US president
Photo Credit: AP / Evan Vucci

On November 9, with more than 270 electoral votes needed to win the 2016 presidential election, Republican Donald Trump takes a drastic victory over his opponent Democrat Hillary Clinton. Congratulations to the new 45th president of the United States, ready to hold presidential office on January 20, 2017.

What Belongs to The Donald Empire?

Republican Donald J. Trump is so far the first US president without political or military experience. Nevertheless, this personality is widely known as a “real estate tycoon” with an empire of numerous luxury hotels, apartments, and casinos.

The Trump Organization real estate properties are located in various US states including Virginia, Illinois, Florida, New Jersey, Nevada, California, New York, Connecticut, and Hawaii, as well as properties abroad. The businessman is also a founder of Trump Entertainment Resorts – a gaming and hospitality company covering Trump Taj Mahal and Trump Plaza properties.

In spite of the fact that Trump faced 4 bankruptcies and his businesses were about to experience a financial disaster, products launched by his companies and real estate licenses were always demanded and made him come in at place 133 in Forbes rating 2015.

Trump on Budget & Economy

According to financial experts discussing the new president’s economic program, “Trump does not want to burden America with more insane expenses for maintaining the image of a superstate.”

Here are some of the most crucial changes to be done by Trump in the next several years of his presidency:

  • Refinancing the national debt in order to reduce interest payments;
  • Keeping mortgage interest deduction;
  • Making the economy more dynamic by bringing  jobs and manufacturing back;
  • Increasing the economy at 6% annually by ending inversions;
  • Predicting a 35% boost to the economy in case the national debt is eliminated.

Besides, Trump is planning huge investments in infrastructure, while reducing costs for refugees and migrants. He also wants to make life easier for American companies. “None of the US companies wouldn’t have to pay more than 15% of taxes out of their business income.

In other words, we will reduce taxes from 35% to 15% “, – says Trump. The elected president intends to return the US business to its homeland and contribute to its growth. By reducing the taxes he encourages American business corporations located abroad, while avoiding ridiculous high tax rates, return to their homeland.

Additional revenues from taxes and energetic Trump is going to spend on the US Army.

Overall, Trump plans big and capable of changing a lot.