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Why is Credit Score Different Between Agencies?

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It’s possible to get a credit score report in three major agencies – Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. While they are the official representatives, who legally deal with your credit score, the information about the state of the three-digit number can differ. There are three main reasons, which explain this phenomenon:

  1. The main basic reason usually lies in dates. People require the report from different dates. The score can rise or drop any time for any reason. So, don’t surprise if you receive three different reports from three different agencies during the particular long-lasting period.
  2. The agencies can simply use different scoring models. The information about scoring models is available on the website or can be given by the representatives of the agency but if you don’t ask for it, you can get confused.
  3. The particular bureau can simply miss the information, which influences the credit score. This way the information in different bureaus will be different too. Here, by the way, comes a problem as lenders may apply to one or two agencies and choose the one that provides a worse number. Therefore, you should contact the representative of the agency, if you notice a difference.