At first, debt settlement and debt management seem like completely same phenomenon. This is, however, a misconception and finding the key differences between both can put you on a right track on how to handle your personal financial situation in a right way. At to do that, look at the comparison table made by Personal Money Service experts.

Debt Settlement

Why Debt Settlement?

Many debt consumers choose to make an agreement with their creditors when the last ones reduce the amount of debt, so that you avoid the bankruptcy and the lender receives at least a part of the borrowed money sum. Debt settlement companies assist their customers along the process of debt settlement programs. When talking about debt settlement, trusting this serious deal to professional negotiators is a matter of necessity!

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Debt Management

Why Debt Management?

Debt management program online via our company is supposed to help you smoothen the process of repaying your debt faster by providing special benefits, particularly the reduction of the interest rate and eliminated charges. To make the procedure less painful for you, you can hire a professional credit counselor and this is exactly what Personal Money Service can try to do for you. Just submit a very simple application form on our website.

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It is a perfect fit if:

Debt settlement is, all the same, better than facing a bankruptcy, therefore it’s a good option for consumers who have been regularly skipping their loan payments and can no longer continue with their debt payment obligation. Our company offers you a great chance to cover the amount of your leftover debt and end this issue completely. Do not miss up this wonderful opportunity online. We’ll try to help everyone who wants to forget about the debts.

It is a perfect fit if:

Debt Management still gives you the power to repay your debt by dividing it into regular monthly payments. This means such programs are perfect for people who can still afford themselves to repay the debts in full on their own. These people might still want to have a professional consultant nearby to manage the debt program even better. In this case, try PersonalMoneyService debt management offers.


Debt settlement programs can become your biggest relieve. For instance, the company would pay for the reduced amount of debt in a lump sum, which you would not afford to do yourself. But they would not require one single payment from you – they are fine with separate monthly repayments from the customers. Do start the process by submitting a debt settlement application online.


Unlike debt settlement, debt management does not affect your credit score. In fact, if you organize yourself not to miss any of the next payments, it might even increase the score. And remember that our company will try to find you a good counselor from the cooperating company accredited by Better Business Bureau that deals with such debt issues on the highest level.


Of course, we would rather advise you to apply for a debt management program first and see how it works with your personal situation. Desperate consumers with no possibilities to repay the loan for themselves should then check for debt settlement programs offered via Personal Money Service Company!