Step 1

debt consolidation procedure

The potential client gets a free counseling session

Our partner’s financial advisor will

  • Contact you via phone immediately
  • Find out your current financial situation
  • Make a revision of your financial condition at present moment
  • Suggest the best plan to repay your debt

Step 2

debt consolidation

The сustomer gets an introductory session

A financial coach will

  • Craft a secured individual client portal
  •  Make a list of all your creditors, debt obligations and interests
  •  Assist you in preparing a monthly budget plan
  •  Assign a personal Client Relationship Manager for you

Step 3

consolidate debt

The borrower gets debt resolution

A client relationship manager will

  •  Negotiate with your creditors
  •  Make your total debt/interest rate less
  • Help to get rid of all the debt obligations one by one
  •  Prevent irritating collectors’ practices