Debt Management: Cover Debt, Preserve Credit Score

Debt management program helps you to get rid of your debts at a lower interest rate within 3 to 5 years term. In case you earn a decent amount but fail to cope with your many bills properly, it’s high time to think of a DMP. The debt management plan is good when you want to repay debts in full and able to make certain monthly payments.

A Total Money Makeover


The complete money makeover is quite possible with debt management programs. The company dealing with debt consolidation will not only provide you with a free counseling session on how to deal with personal finance in the right way but:

  • Contact your creditors & request interest rate reduction through interest rate lowering.
  • Distribute the total amount among your creditors according to the agreement.
  • Offer a plan for managing your debt or settle the debt for you if you cannot cope with your loans yourself.

Best Debt Management Program: Steps

Before choosing a professional debt management plan, try to deal with your finances yourself. Make a budget, cut expenses, use the money to cover your debts. In case you fail to manage it yourself, turn to a credit counselor for help. Personal Money Service connects its clients with a reliable company dealing with debt. More detailed information you will get from our partner directly.

Check the fees due for the professional help and how personal data is protected. Make sure you are able to cover monthly required payments and proceed with the process. You should define the period you want to repay the debt in full and request a DMP. It’s important to know the way your payments will be distributed to the creditors. Get everything written down.

Pay attention to every detail and enroll in the plan!