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What are Current Student Loan Rates?

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As you know, the current federal student loan rates are fixed during the entire loan term. The interest rates for the loans issued for the 2017-2018 academic year are 4.45% for the undergraduate students and 6.0% for the graduate ones. Don’t forget to include the fee of 1.066%. The banks charge the fee before the educational institution receives the funds.

The current student loan interest rates will more likely to change for the 2018-2019 academic year.

You can familiarize with detailed information about current student loan rates and see how they have been changing since 1992 here.

Accesslex.org published a brief report about the previous and current student loan interest rates:

student loan rates

The current student loan refinance rates differ from the one refinancing and consolidating company (bank) to another. Still, Andrew Josuweit conducted a research and compared the most reasonable options and the current student loan consolidation rates:

current student loan refinance rates

Refinance Student Loans

It’s important to compare different options before applying for a student loan or student loan refinancing. Different lending institutions are ready to finance various requests from people with different income, credit, and other creditworthiness issues. Using a student loan calculator is always a good idea.