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Credit Cards With Bad Credit

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If you have a bad credit, you still have a chance to apply for a credit card. Even thought there are plenty of options online, we’ll recommend to consider three most common ways. There are several ways to apply for a card with a low credit score and bad credit history.

3 Ways to Get a CC with a Bad Credit Score

  • If your credit score is lower than 577, you can ask for a Capital One Classic Platinum. Its terms cover a 22.9% regular APR and $39 annual fee, which can be denied in some cases.
  • The second way to get a card lies in applying for a retail store card. Such cards belong to the particular store where you can only use your card. Such bank cards usually offer small limits and high interest rates.
  • The third way of applying for a credit card with a bad credit is applying for a secured card, which only requires collateral, which you can get back if you close your account. Secured credit cards were, actually, created for people with bad credits.

Furthermore, you have an opportunity to apply for a high interest rate credit card. Nevertheless, ensure that you will 100% manage to pay off a debt as such cards are created by lenders, who want to have a benefit of your situation.

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