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Where Is Credit Card Security Code?

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credit card security codeCredit Card Security Code is a three or four digit number that is responsible for the authenticity of the credit card and the security when it comes to the online purchases and other financial operations with your credit card. The main goal of the CSC lies in preventing the scammers from conducting fraudulent transactions with your card.

That’s why it’s important not to tell this number to anyone for any purpose. Still, not every owner of the credit card knows where this code, in fact, is.

The place of the CSC depends on the type of your credit card. Visa, MasterCard or Discover place the card security code on the backside of the card. The last three digits on the long line with other digits are exactly the CSC. American Express credit card holders can find the number on the front side of their card. Still, this is a four digit number that is also placed after the specific number of your credit card.

If you still can’t find or can’t read the CSC, contact the credit institution. The number is written on the backside of the card. Don’t forget to keep your code in a secret until a reliable institution requires it.

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