Conventional Home Loans

A conventional loan is neither issued nor insured by any government entity. To meet the conventional loan guidelines the borrower will have to comply with the strict requirements as to the credit rating, income and minimum down payment amount.

Help from Personal Money Service

Personal Money Service

The present site has been developed to provide potential borrowers with the most recent information, basic terms, rates and notions in the real estate market. We review all the aspects of the home buying  and the process of getting a home loan. Our experts take care that the information published comes from the real estate professionals, being the most up-to-date and of the best quality.

Service Able to Meet Your Needs

The process of getting a mortgage may only seem easy, but the potential borrower should disclose lots of factors, concerning his financial life and conditions. They are assets, debt ratio, credit history and so on. However, nowadays the possibility of online application for various kinds of loans makes the borrower’s task much easier. Personal Money Service facilitates the potential borrowers in connecting with the third party loan providers completely free of charge.

The customer should only fill in a web application form and submit it. We do our best to match the customers with the very mortgage providers they are looking for. With the application submission, you give your asset that the cooperating partners of our network can verify your details and make your credit score checking in accordance with their policies

The information provided by the potential borrower is passed to the third party loan providers from our network. The lenders, which are ready to meet the applicant’s needs, come back to the customers directly. Each of them offers his own terms, conditions and interest rates. The borrower should only make careful consideration of the proposals received, and choose the most suitable one for his particular situation. Every client should negotiate as to the final terms and loan conditions with the provider directly.

Personal Money Service makes everything possible to meet the needs of each and every client. Even the most experienced home buyers may benefit from visiting our site.

We help you tailor the home loan in accordance with your current financial state and risk tolerance.

All you need is just to fill in the application form online.