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Storms hit the U.S. over the Christmas holiday weekend. Tornado and floods killed at least 43 people, flattened building and make transportation difficult for millions of people during busy travel time.

Unfortunately, the weather has no rules and the disaster doesn’t choose the time when to come. Thus, for citizens of Missouri, New Mexico, Illinois and Texas Christmas weekend turned out fatal. The governors of Missouri and New Mexico already declared a state of emergency for their states.

In Taxes, Governor Greg Abbott said his office that his office had declared Dallas County and 3 nearby counties disaster areas. Moreover, he warned people to be wary of snow in western parts of the state and rivers spilling their banks in other places.

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Tornadoes in Texas

According to Reuters, at least 8 people were killed by the tornado in Texas on December 26. The bad weather also damaged numerous buildings and left more than 50,000 people without electricity. 5 people died in Garland, nearby Dallas because their cars were blown away from the road with a strong wind. The representative of local police also reported that 3 more people died in the result of a hurricane in Collin County. Garland Police spokesman, Lieutenant Pedro Barineau said: “It is a very difficult time to be struck by such a horrible storm the day after Christmas.” Also, the officials estimated that around 800 homes may have been damaged in the Dallas area.

Three tornadoes occurred in Arkansas on Sunday but fortunately, there were no initial reports of significant damage or injuries.

According to U.S. weather data, powerful tornadoes happen quite often in spring and summer in central states but occur less frequently in winter.

Flash Floods in Missouri and Illinois

Missouri flood
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At least 13 people were killed in Missouri and Illinois by flash floods. The Governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon said that emergency workers evacuated residents from their homes and conducted dozens of water rescues.

He said that at least 8 people were killed and numerous roadways are now closed. The Governor declared a state of emergency because continued rains would make flooding conditions worse.

Marion County Coroner Troy Cannon reported that two children and three adults were near the village of Patoka, Illinois when their car was washed away by floodwaters on Saturday.

The National Weather Service issued severe weather advisories for large parts of the central United States, including a blizzard warning for parts of New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma and a flash flood watch stretching from Texas to Indiana.

Suzanna Martinez, the New Mexico Governor, declared a state of emergency for the entire state because of a winter storm that had dumped up to two feet of snow by Sunday. Roswell, the city in New Mexico, bested its snowfall record: 12.3 inches of snow was received by Sunday night.

Tracking service reported that nearly 1,500 flights were canceled nationwide because of the bad weather. It’s worth noticing that half of the canceled flights were in Dallas, a major U.S. flight hub.