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You know you can always rely on emergency loans, but what if you could survive such online help? It is a modern practice to do 30, 60 and 90-day challenges for improving some sphere of your life.

Theoretically, this is a good idea, as it’s known that you need about 30-90 days to adopt a new habit or lose a previous one.

The first obstacle that you can meet is being not sure about a new habit. Sometimes people just don’t want to spend even 30 days for developing a habit, as they are not sure to like this new one.

However, the situation changes when they are told to devote only 10 days to the habit.

So, you can test 10 day challenges to see if you like the new habit and if it is worth doing. Here you can find 5 ideas for improving your financial life buy following a 10-day challenge for each of new habit.

1. Track Your Expenses

You may think that it will not have any result to track spending just for ten days. But there is a practice that people become addicted to tracking expenses just after some days. Firstly, you might find it quite annoying to calculate each spending. But on some days you will become interested and would like to see where the money goes.

Also, you will begin thinking about how to improve your spending habits to save more.

Dedicating ten days to your finance you will get a great experience and won’t be able to stop any more. You may find different free applications to control your spending, make budgets and track your finance. Try to always calculate your saving and spending!

2. Cook At Home

If you are used to eating out, this new challenge will improve your finance (maybe you also need to use these 8 personal finance apps for young adults). After ten days you will understand that much money is spent on cafes, restaurants and fast-food.

The problem is this meal is also a bed for your health, not only for your wallet.

Of course, you will be required to spend much time in the kitchen, but you may also like it. A good idea is to involve all family members in the cooking process if you are not living alone. If you still choose to eat at fast-food, at least read these 6 ways to save money on fast-food.

3. Don’t Go Shopping

You may think this is a strict challenge, as you are proposed not to spend money at all. Of course, you can make your regular monthly payments, but you can’t buy any clothes or food. You may consider this a real challenge that may change your spending habits. After these ten days, you will rethink your regular expenses and their necessities.

4. Save Your $10 Bills

There is a practice to save such small bills like $5 or $10 for a year. You will be surprised to see the amount of cash that you will get. This idea is good for people spending cash quite often. Try to save all your bills for ten days and you will be shocked by how much money can be saved.

5. Sell One Thing Every Day

People tend to accumulate a lot of things, and you can use it. Search for stuff you don’t use and try to sell them. Try to use online auctions, make a garage sale or invite your friends. It will not only give you extra cash but also will help you to get your house in order.

When you adopt this habit, you will not buy lots of new things, as well. You will understand that in reality, you don’t need much. This will also be helpful in the idea of saving money.

Are You Ready for Challenges?

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Whether you want to save some cash (make sure you do not follow these 5 bad money-saving tips, though) or to adopt a new habit, you may try this ten-day challenges. This will not change your life completely, so you should not be afraid.

Ten days is enough to test a new habit and adopt it if you like it. Also, you don’t have to waste a month for realizing that a new habit doesn’t fit you.

Instead, you only need 10 days and you will get a result. Make sure you follow a habit each day, not to spoil the results.

These financial tips will become helpful and you will not lose your money anymore. Just remember that even a small expense made each day can ruin your finance. So, it’s always good to be in control of spending.