The Greatest Financial Frauds of All Time

biggest frauds in finance

Financial scandals have taken off during the last decade, with the new frauds yielding billions of dollars worth of illegal profit. However, the history of these frauds is much longer than you might think. Instances of the largest financial frauds are far from developed modern markets and can be dated back to the unpleasant sale of the Roman Empire in 193AD.

In spite of increasingly strict laws aimed at fighting frauds and with government agencies trying to enforce those laws, the world hardly witnesses any decrease in the number of financial frauds. Quite the contrary, its number is constantly growing. Let’s look at some of the world’s biggest financial frauds a little closer.

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How To Combine Finances After Marriage?

joint finance

You’ve already used our wedding tips to save money. It’s time to learn that in the modern world, personal budgeting is a huge responsibility for married couples. More and more newlyweds choose to combine their finances in order to share the most frequent expenses everyone is most likely to meet during after marriage.

Therefore, creating a joint account is very convenient when it comes to paying for rent, utilities, and other bills together.

If you and your partner want to learn how to combine finances after marriage, consider the following points:

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5 Ways To Help You Make Money With Photography

make cash on pic

Are you a freelance photographer? Or maybe you’re an amateur willing to earn some cash on your hobby? Either way, you should know there are many opportunities to earn money as a photographer both in the real world or the Internet.

PersonalMoneyService have gathered 5 most efficient ways how you can start making money with photography in times when you are short on cash and customers. Just keep reading!

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4 Useful Websites For Your Personal Finance

We’re quite used to the Internet and usually don’t even notice how often we use the worldwide network for our routine operations. The availability of information made it possible to learn everything online.

Managing your personal finances isn’t the exception. If you have a real interest in getting more knowledge about money management and budgeting, then the following Internet websites can come right in handy for you. We’ve collected 4 most useful and effective personal finance platforms to make your monetary goals easy-reachable.

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How to Refinance Student Loans?

student loan refinance

Student loans have been in demand for the last few years. Herewith, the overall student loan has now reached the point of more than $1 trillion. From the one side, students have no other choice but taking a huge loan before they can actually start a perspective and a well-paid career. This would help them earn more than they invested in their education.

From the other hand, it creates a lot of questions around the procedure of receiving a student loan since there is no particular guarantee that students would be loyal to their college debt payments in the future.

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Debt Mistakes Everyone Makes

get out of debt

A lot of people have experienced difficult situations when they urgently needed extra financial help. For instance, you’ve spent a fortune on Christmas presents to all the friends and relatives. Or you’ve splurged too much on product advertising. In the case of any financial emergency, the most common misstep is maxing out the credit cards.

Everybody can make debt mistakes. The crucial thing here is what you should do once it happened. In this article, we will share with you the tips of three personal finance experts on what debt mistakes they’ve experienced and how they managed to overcome them.

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Tips and Games to Teach Kids about Money

teach kids about money

Nowadays only several states in the U.S. have obligatory financial literacy and personal finance classes at the high school level. Of course, it’s a drop in the ocean, as teaching kids financial literacy should start at home but not at school. Do you agree that parents must teach their children about money? If your answer is “yes”, then keep reading in order to find out some fun games to teach kids about money.

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How Much Money Can You Make on YouTube?

tips to make money online on youtube

You have probably heard that so many people make six-figure income on YouTube. How do they manage to do this? You should be creative in trying to find your own way how to make money using the YouTube Partner Program. In this article, we will share with you some of the greatest advice that every person can follow and earn an additional income on YouTube.

Bonus Articles:

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Personal Finance Advice for Travelers

money tips for travel

This article is going to cover some of the most common and widespread finance strategies that everybody knows but rarely uses in real life. Don’t let them skip from your mind, apply these ideas and get ready to see wonderful results. Here is a list of those tips you need to apply in order to manage your personal finance.

Bonus article: Learn top 5 personal finance books!

Buy Travel Insurance

It may be a good idea to purchase travel insurance as it covers almost all the unforeseen events that may happen to all of us at any time. In fact, you can insure your airfare, the hotel costs or medical assistance. Single category plans are much cheaper, so you can decide on one of these plans if you are on a budget. There are so many possibilities of emergency when having travel insurance can literally save your life.

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All You Need to Know About Travel Insurance

buy travel insurance

We all know how difficult it is to choose the best travel insurance that you can actually trust. Nowadays, there are so many insurance policies and plans to choose from. Travel insurance plans depend on various factors from the age of travelers to the trip cost. We are happy to share with you some helpful tips on how to make your decision and choose the right travel insurance.

Also, find out how to choose your health insurance plan!

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What Happens If You Miss Your Student Loan Payments

student loan debt consolidation

It’s not a good idea to ignore your finances as it may lead to crazy fees and penalties. Students usually don’t realize it at once, but over the years, they will have to learn it the hard way. In this article, you will learn about what may happen if you’ve ignored your student loans, and actions you need to take immediately.

It can be really tempting to forget about loan monthly statements and let them get lost in your email inbox or among other bills. However, you should bear in mind that not paying your student loans can have long-term harmful effects on your credit as well as on your monthly paychecks.

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The Review of the 2016 Home-buying Season

buying house tips

The holiday season is over, but the home-buying season is quite the contrary. Let’s remember the predictions for the outgoing year, review the 2016 home-buying season and try to assume what it all means for 2017.

Customers Want “New” Homes

In comparison with the previous years, the good news is that customers want to buy their own home, so the sales of newly built homes are better now.

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Traffic Schools Save Money… and Lives

find traffic school online

Sometimes vehicle becomes a reason of the great financial expenses. Wait, it’s not about the vehicle, it’s about the driver. Unfortunately, the habits of most of the drivers often don’t fit the standard driving norms.

Exactly for this purpose, driving experts create traffic schools. Basically, traffic school is an institution, which educates drivers and stresses the importance and profit of the defensive driving.

Just imagine. The increase of the car accidents in California is 31% since 2014. 250,000 car accidents are caused annually in Florida. These states are considered to be especially dangerous among the USA when the experts are talking about the car accidents.

Florida traffic school union as well as California traffic school one has launched different profitable programs for extreme drivers.

Most of the handy programs are available in other states. The activity of traffic school shows positive results. But what influence does it have on your pocket?  Personal Money Serves sorted it out!

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6 Basic Things You Must Know About Bitcoins

pay with bitcoins

More and more people admit they have somewhere heard about Bitcoin, yet 90% of ones knows nothing about this phenomenon. Whether this term carries no meaning to you as well or you’re intended to learn more about Bitcoin technology, our blog writers from Personal Money Service would gladly list down 6 most essential things you have to know about Bitcoin.

So how this technology may be beneficial for you while doing purchases online?

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How to Make Money by Blogging on LinkedIn

tips to make money with LinkedIn

Are you ready to earn money with LinkedIn? You might be shocked now but LinkedIn expands the opportunities for its clients. Now the smartest users of this powerful network can make money by blogging!

Yes, there are so many articles about earning money online. Still, we have made a research, analyzed the offers, brainstormed fresh ideas, and organized all of them in this article. If you are ready to enter a new path of your life, keep on reading.

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Online Defensive Driving Course Helps to Save Money

defensive driving school

If you have a car, you have definitely heard of the online defensive driving course. In fact, it’s the type of the driving course, which teaches drivers to drive carefully. Generally, the founders are going to minimize the risk of car accidents. The statistic shows that most of the founders really achieve this goal.

The defensive driving course can be a barrier between you and extreme driving. Therefore, it becomes your life buyout. Moreover, it indeed helps to save money! How? Personal Money Service reveals the secret!

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Real Estate Taxes: How to Cope with It?

do tax for your real estate

When losing the dear person, besides deep emotional experience, we often have to deal with official financial affairs. The disposition of the property stays beyond the most important businesses.

If your name is mentioned in the will, you will definitely cope with the estate taxes. Estate taxes are a kind of a tax on the transfer of the estate of a deceased person. This tax is levied on the value of the estate of the deceased person after deduction of the unliquidated obligations.

This issue might seem unintelligible for those, who have never dealt with it before. Still, you mustn’t ignore estate taxes. Keep on reading to find out the main basis of this financial question.

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Things to Know about Low-Interest Personal Loans

personal loans with low interest

Americans are so used to take loans and credits during their life that it has recently emerged a frequent tendency. No matter what reasons made you apply for a bank or other financial institution, you can always be offered a low interest loan.

A personal loan with low interest rates is quite a convenient option for people planning to take a long-term loan. This option is winning only if you have excellent credit records. In case of poor credit rating, there’s hardly a chance to receive this type of loan unless you are ready for a collateral deal.

Not only does your credit history matter – in fact, you should meet several more criteria that higher your chances to get approved the lender.

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Men vs. Women in Questions of Personal Finance

who manages finance better

People understand that men and women have the inclination to think differently about lots of things in life. A recent study made by LIMRA, worldwide learning, research, and development organization, showed some of those differences including financial decisions.

To nobody’s surprise, this study highlighted that men differ from women in both financial planning and in the decision-making process.

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Online Companies to Get the Best Personal Loan Rates

best-rates-personal-loansEvery person may find themselves in a difficult financial situation when even the small financial help can be crucial. You may need some money to pay off the credit card or any other debt.

If you want to get low-interest personal loans for a bad credit, the most effective and the fastest way is to apply for a balance transfer. Try to get it with nearly 0% rate.

How to Choose Balance Transfer?

There is a lot of information about pros and cons of balance transfers, so be sure to check it out before you apply. You will find out that balance transfer is not perfect for every person, especially when you have a bad credit score or in case you want to borrow cash.

Another great thing is getting a personal loan with a set rate and payoff period. In this case you don’t even need to have a perfect credit score. Nowadays, a number of new online lenders offer attractive deals and personal loans with low interest for people with good and excellent credit.

Try the following tip and apply for a few personal loans at once to check rates.

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6 Ways to Get Free Money from the Government

free money from the government

If you conduct some research, you will most likely find numerous government-sponsored programs, which give free money for senior citizens, for health care insurance, for single mothers, 101 student aid or even rehabilitation from natural disasters program.

Basically, it is not always you who always need to find ways to borrow money online. Keep reading to find top government programs that can give you money for various needs.

Money from Previous Pension Plans

Sometimes it happens that the company you have been working for went bankrupt or became an acquisition activity target. In this case, people are more concerned about finding the new job rather than making inquiries about their existing pension plan. And after some time passes, it even vanishes from their head completely.

However, you can still count on Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation. They have a big database where you can check whether you could have been associated to any pension plan or if you have disregarded one.

  • Visit and check all the available plans.

Money Owed to You

This option may sound really surprising or even shocking when you first hear about it. But according to statistics, there are millions of dollars from the government waiting to be requested every year. If the statistics are correct, the unrequested money has its rightful respective owners, but for some reason, they don’t know about that.

For instance, this money can appear when you put it to your utility as a deposit and later forgot about it when you changed your locale.

  • Visit to find more information about any possible unclaimed money owed to you. This website is run by the government and will assist you with potential unclaimed money.

Helping out with Foreclosure

We know life is becoming more and more difficult, so a lot of people have to tighten their belts in order to make ends meet. The number of people suffering damage caused by foreclosure has increased dramatically over the past years. It’s certainly not a condition we wish you to find yourself, however, if such a disaster has already happened with you, don’t give the way to despair.

You may feel quite unlucky at the moment, but we promise there are other options you can resort to. For example, a Home Ownership Preservation Foundation program (HOPE) from the government is able to provide all the necessary help for you to make a plan how to preserve your home.

  • Go to to find their details and more useful information.

Money to Buy a House

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) provides help in different aspects of home ownership. In other words, you get free money from the government for selling, buying or repairing the homes.

Moreover, you can get more than just expert advice or opinions from this organization. They actually give people real money for closing costs and down payments.

  • To get more detailed information of this kind of governmental help, visit

Health Insurance for Kids

If you are a parent, you obviously know what kind of rip off paying for your kid’s insurance can be. It was always a problem, however, these days health insurance costs are even more damaging for an average family budget.

A good thing to know is that there exists a general health insurance program for kids at the governmental level. This program takes care of hospital stays, drug prescriptions, and doctor visits and covers the majority of expenses concerning the health of your kids. The only admonition is that the parents have to be working.

  • Go check to learn more about this opportunity.

Money for Energy Bills

get money for paying electricity billsThere are lots of articles and information about how to save your money and deal with the energy bills. Storm windows, good insulation or weather-stripping make your home much more energy efficient. In the wide sense, promoting US citizens to become more energy efficient can help to decrease energy consumption in the whole country and therefore save natural resources.

For this particular reason, US government together with the Department of Energy has developed a plan called Weatherization Assistance Program.

According to it, the government is going to give money to any person, who is willing to make their home more energy efficient.

P.S.: Stay with us and you will learn even more insane facts about money and where you can get it.

10 Insane Money Facts That Will Make You Cringe

interesting facts about money

In the inevitable pursuit of money, often we don’t realize what secrets our cherished dollar bills hold. The first money in form of coins is considered to appear before Christ but how much do we know about it today?

Money, which we use daily, keeps thousands of secrets as they are passing from hand to hand and this process seem to never end. These top 10 facts about money will change your attitude to treasured banknotes forevermore!

Money Pose Real Threat to Health

Unfortunately, money doesn’t linger on our hands for too long. The constant circulation of banknotes from hand to hand causes the constant circulation of different viruses and bacteria! Medical specialists made it clear that money contains such dangerous microorganisms as staphylococcus!

There is no need to list the detrimental effects of this germ. 94% of all dollar bills contain viruses, which remain active during 17 days.

But that’s not all! One of the most controversial is the assumption that money contains traces of cocaine. Remaining a hypothesis for a long time, now this fact is scientifically proven by the University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth. The research of their specialists revealed the shocking truth – 90% of dollar bills (released in 2009 and later) contain cocaine traces! While money is considered to be a magic key for a better life, it still has dirty secrets.

Pickled Secrets of Coins

coinsWhat do you prefer for an appetizer – pickled cucumbers or onions? Maybe trying pickled coins also makes sense? It may sound ridiculous but the well-known coins, dimes, and quarters are marinated too!

The concept of marinating isn’t a joke. Coins are usually pickled in the special chemical substances for polishing and cleaning their surface. It makes the surfaces of coins and dimes suitable for different faces, letters, and numbers printed on them later.

Money and even coins have the specific period of exploitation. So, it is probable futile to hope that our favorite coins will come back to us one day after a long travel. All banknotes and coins are recycled into new rustling and clinking bucks and coins. The waste-free production is a necessary prerequisite of the future.

Too Much Money

Today reality makes us facing the impressing and shocking numbers – the revenue of different worldwide companies.

  • Apple is one of the most successful and staggering companies in the whole world, which earns approximately $300,000 per minute. 60400 Apple workers are scattered across the world – 60% of the whole mass work in the retails stores. Assuming this fact, theoretically, the company earns $18 million per hour! Obviously, the company spends enormous funds to develop the products and maintain the corporation but $18 million per hour sounds ridiculous, right?
  • The other money making giant is McDonalds, which makes $75 million per day. Unfortunately, it shows the unhealthy interest of consumers to the junk food.

Non-traditional Payment Methods

Nowadays banknotes are not just a payment method but also an irreplaceable element of modern art and fashion. More and more artists and designers use the image of Benjamins to complement the design with a shade of urbanization. Still, the situation would change, if today’s pretty bills replaced with the money alternatives used by our ancestors.

Animals, stones, food, and jewelry were the most valuable monetary units. Still, there were adventurers, who launched new rules and new currency units – blood and bat guano (poo). Fortunately, for us the times have changed.

Awkward Mismatch

For some of us, credit cards are irreplaceable tools of nowadays reality. It’s hardly possible to find a person, who doesn’t owe a magic plastic card. However, some people can be hardly satisfied with only one credit card. The ridiculous mismatch in the financial world is that the number of credit cards exceeds the population of the USA several times!

It means that an average American owes minimum 5 plastic cards. About 200 million Americans use credit cards while there are nearly 2 billion of credit cards in the USA!

Though, they say that smartphones will substitute credit cards, after all.

Mass Inability to Manage Finances

CNBC recently has presented an interesting statistics, which shown that 25% of Americans, who make at least $100,000 per year, are living paycheck to paycheck and 30% of Americans, who earn $75,000 and more, choose the same financial strategy. This fact shows that the actual wage means nothing when the person shows the inability to manage finances.

On top of that only 50% of Americans manage to keep an emergency fund. Still, it’s a good lesson for those, who rely on their income and forget about the tempting passions that require a lot of money!

The statistics are dramatically shocking but the truth is that people simply want to live and enjoy the life. Assuming the fact that we usually spend more than we earn, this statistics is quite normal.

Questionable Stability

financial stabilityEvery country overcomes difficult financial situations from time to time. While the economic circumstances might seem unstable, the government applies to monopoly money. Obviously, the monopoly money isn’t that money that is used in Monopoly.

These funds are printed during hyperinflation. Sadly, their value depreciates quite quickly. $7.2 billion were printed in the US in 2015 to stabilize the financial situation and simply renew old bills.

Nothing Lasts Forever

Among people, who waste money right and left, there are people, who hide money under mattresses. The bad news is that it makes no sense. The life of the paper bills is short and saving cash can work against you. Financial experts defined the real life of Benjamins. So, the average lifespan of a $1 bill is less than 6 years, a $5 or a $10 is about 5 years, while a $50 bill can be usable for 9 years.

A real long-liver is a $100 bill, which can be in a turnover for almost 15 years. The moral is simple – forget about mattress and jar saving and turn to credit cards. It also has drawbacks but the life span of the credit card is much longer.

Dire Snowball

Most of the Americans suffer from debts and interest rates, which are growing and eventually turn into a huge insufferable snowball. The bad news is that it becomes a tendency rather than an individual case. The good news is that those, who hadn’t faced this problem yet, can avoid it.

The average American pays $280,000 in interest over their lifetime. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? The number is huge but the majority has no other choice.

debt consolidation help online

Irrational Approach

While the economic situation in the world can be unstable from time to time, the solution can come from the unexpected side. According to the research of the reliable financial experts, replacing the bills with coins would save approximately $5.5 billion over 30 years.

The last words of Bob Marley were “Money can’t buy life”. While money makes up a significant part of our life, there must be something stronger than bills and coins. In today’s materialized world, it’s crucial to have a friendly family, trustworthy friends, and the right goals. Therefore, don’t stop expanding the horizons and discovering the outstanding and beautiful world!

5 Finance Books for Your Personal Growth

best finance books for growth

Nowadays there is a huge variety of personal finance books on the market. Some of them are worth reading and can be really life changing, while others are just a waste of time. How do you know which book to choose? Which book will be worth the time and money?

The following article will help you avoid failing books and choose those that you will keep coming back to. These top 5 personal finance books are sources of knowledge you would like to come back to and go through them again and again.

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Debt Consolidation Loan – Is It Right for You?

consolidating debts

Most people don’t get regular payments to deal with the debt problem. Instead, they need to cover, for example, 6 monthly debts may turn into a real disaster. Even if you choose the same due date for all the payments, it still takes much time and mental energy to control your finance.

Luckily, there is a solution created especially for this situation. You can consolidate your pesky debts and make only one monthly payment. While this is easier for your financial management, it also prevents possible mistakes, inconsistencies and late payments possible to a huge amount of debt payments.

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How to Generate Money Income Using Twitter?

making money with twitter

Launched in 2006, Twitter managed to gain its own network of almost 300 million twitter users and continues its own expansion till today. Could you even imagine that almost each of the today’s business or companies uses Twitter in order to build up their own brand, as well as get closer to consumers informing them about latest updates and deals?

If Twitter has already become a part of your everyday social media living, you wouldn’t probably miss a chance to get some extra cash out of this platform. In fact, personal users have equal chances to get their own cash profit from being actively involved in Twitter. There is a similar possibility for people who know how to make money using Facebook. The only thing needed is your creativity, some of your marketing skills and knowledge of current trends or events. So, let’s get things cleared up!

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7 Budgeting Fails You Don’t Want To Make

budgeting apps

Assuming the fact, that managing a budget is a complicated process, not every person can deal with it successfully. Luckily, there are a couple of ways to solve the issue. The easiest one lies in applying for the reliable financial assistance from the best lenders. Still, the most reasonable decision would be to change your strategy and financial habits since you will always return to the same problem.

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How Buying a Car on Finance Works

buying a car

More people than ever before are now opting to purchase a new vehicle on finance rather than buying with cash. Although, this isn’t something that has always been available at the scale that it is today. There are many different options available now to finance a new vehicle.

Even though buying a car might seem like a rather straightforward thing to do, there are many things that the process involves, some of which most aren’t aware of.
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Things Frugal People Will Never Do

money saving

We all want to save a “million for the retirement”. Nowadays, many people realize that without frugal living it’s hard to save any money. If you don’t want to become a bankrupt and feel financial failures on your own hide, you need to consider the following advice.

Frugality can be a person’s lifestyle. There are particular distinctive features between frugal people and those who are not. However, in this article, we are not talking about extreme frugal living tips that require lots of daily sacrifices.
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Olympics 2016: A Rio Trip on a Budget

olympic games money saving tips

There are just a few weeks left for the Olympic Games to start this summer. The excitement is high and all people throughout the world are rearranging their travel plans to be in time for booking a trip to Rio.

The highly anticipated event makes the costs high. But even if it’s out of pocket, there is still a chance for you to visit Rio and become a part of one of the brightest events of 2016. We recommend to get a loan and repay it in installments, and consider several tips below which will help you to enjoy your trip on a budget.

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Is Transferring Money via Social Media Possible?

trasfer money via facebook
Picture source: Link

Soon you won’t need your sort code and account number to transfer money to the banks! Next year, a trial project in Singapore launches a new option available in 20 banks. Their client will only need to link their social account on Facebook or Twitter with their bank accounts and skip the boring official steps. In today’s digital era, different apps that facilitate our lives are extremely popular.

They replace the traditional services and catch the attention with simple terms of use. Nevertheless, the new tool breaks the records. Let’s consider it conception in detail!

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Bitcoin Pros And Cons

what is a bitcoin

What is bitcoin payment? The Internet era has changed lives of many and has brought novelties as well. The development of the World Wide Web and Internet-related businesses made people think about the virtual transactions. Money transfer and exchange systems turned to have a lot of limitations and inconvenience, such as high expenses, time delays, security risks.

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23 Financial Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

mistakes to avoidThe whole world talks of the USA, as a culture of consumption, where everyone lives “on credit”. Approximately 9 Americans out of 10 depend on their mortgage, student or some other types of consumer debts with high-interest rates. As a result – a huge economic crisis which causes the economic recession and a jump in saving rates.

Nowadays, those who are used to live beyond their means, have to tighten their belts and think of some good strategies to prevent an economic hardship, when you would hardly make ends.

This article is devoted to 23 most common financial mistakes you can’t afford yourself to make at any time of your life, whether you’re already facing a few financial problems or still remaining economically stable.

Don’t be one of those Americans who make silly money moves all the time. Prove that we can succeed financial independence. Let’s see if you can recognize yourself or your family members in this article post.
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All There’s to Know About Minimum Payment

pay minimum on credit cardWhile dealing with debts and credit cards, you will definitely face such term as “minimum payment”. Defining its role and its influence on your debt situation is essential to control credit card debt. So, a minimum credit card’s payment is the number of funds you have to pay every month to repay your debt. This kind of payment is obligatory and depends on your lender and incomes. While it can cause no issues, there are some things you definitely have to know. Let’s start!
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5 Wedding Tips that Will Save Your Money

wedding money saving tipsGetting married is so exciting! Even with the pre-wedding vanity and all of those responsibilities you’re supposed to take care in advance, nothing seems like spoiling your mood. Well, if you still feel completely satisfied with the preparation moments, then perhaps you are yet to look at the list of your expenses.

Obviously, weddings is a huge burden for the couple’s budget, especially when you want everything done on the highest level. But who told that a great “all-inclusive” wedding can’t be frugal? Try to plan out your special day without leaving a huge hole in the wallet afterwards. Additionally, you can turn to professional providers of small personal loans for bad credit to improve your money situation.
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Be the First to Save Money in 4 Simple Ways

save money fastSaving money is a major problem of a great number of people all over the world. Most of them fail in saving as problems with health, car, cell phone, strong desire to buy particular things always occur. It’s so hard to control yourself when you know for sure that you have money and you, theoretically, can use them. However, it’s a question of self-control and self-discipline. We aren’t going to raise this issue. In today’s article  Personal Money Service is just going to teach you to save money in 4 simple ways.

Today we decided to turn to Warren Buffett – the most successful investor in the world. He was ranked as the world’s wealthiest person in 2008 and as the third wealthiest in 2015. In 2012 Time named Buffett one of the world’s most influential people. Therefore, relying on his vast knowledge that really works is the wisest decision.

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How to Organize Budget with 8 Categories Like a Boss

keep the budgetPeople, who manage to organize their personal and professional life, are more successful than those, who used to live for the moment. Plus, you never need to wonder whether you need to consolidate your debt. Money requires particular attention. If you used to waste your salary and savings thoughtless, having no idea how much money remains in your wallet or on your credit card, this article is definitely for you.

Organizing your budget will help you to avoid financial problems but if you, still, have them, apply to such reputable services as Personal Money Service. However, let’s try to go without taking a loan and organize budget with a help of the following 8 categories.

Get ideas of the best app for budgeting here!

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Saving Money: Does it Really Work?

save money 2016You have read our myths about making money online, but you also need to know how to save it … Almost every person of a conscious age has savings and is right. Savings are a must-have in today’s uncertain time. We don’t know what to expect from tomorrow. Diseases, car issues, rent, debts, vacations require money and sometimes rapidly. Therefore, having savings is essential. Unfortunately, not all of people can save money right and waste them on something unnecessary. It’s important to control yourself to gain a particular amount of funds. You have to realize that savings aren’t the same as your salary and you can’t waste them whenever you want. Savings are for emergencies that can happen anytime. The best way to save money is to apply to banks, as this way a temptation of using them for a new outfit won’t be so irresistible. If you do not like feel like it, we offer alternative and funny ways to save money.

Of course, there are extreme situations that require money and it’s impossible to apply to a bank or use a credit card. For this purposes, there exist special financial services offering people a financial help.
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7 Myths about Making Money Online

how to make monye onlineYou can take a 10 day financial challenge and change your life a little, but you can do a lot more by start earning some real cash online. Making money on the Internet is not a sensation in 2016. Hundreds of books about making money online have been already written, lots of workshops have been already held, dozens of websites offer people to join their online business. When it comes to making a fortune online, there are two types of people: those, who skeptically denies any opportunity to earn money on the Internet and those, who really makes money on the Internet. The second type of people, actually, writes books about how to reach financial success on the Internet and holds aforementioned workshops. The first type of people tends to often need financial help fast and spread untruthful myths about making money online. Continue reading “7 Myths about Making Money Online”

10 Day Financial Challenge to Change Your Life

financial motivationYou know you can always rely on emergency money loans, but what if you could survive such online help? It is a modern practice to do 30, 60 and 90 day challenges for improving some sphere of your life.

Theoretically this is a good idea, as it’s known that you need about 30-90 days to adopt a new habit or lose a previous one.

The first obstacle that you can meet is being not sure about a new habit. Sometimes people just don’t want to spend even 30 days for developing a habit, as they are not sure to like this new one.

However, the situation changes when they are told to devote only 10 days to the habit.
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True Ways to Sell Your House Much Faster

how to sell your houseYou already know how to choose a mortgage loan, but maybe you already own a house and simply want to sell it? When it comes to selling your house, there are decisions that you make along the way. These decisions could either cost you or save you a few coins. Before making any plans, it’s important that you make a selling plan.

The selling plan should include the repair budget, the expected sale value and the waiting time. It’s quite possible that you open a house for sale and it stays the whole year without getting a buyer. Try as much a possible not to make selling mistakes. Continue reading “True Ways to Sell Your House Much Faster”

How to Become a Millionaire in 5 Steps

how to become a millionaire tipsBeing a millionaire  is an unattainable dream of millions of people. Still, is this dream so unattainable? Hundreds of people every day try their ideas, start a business, get hired to promising and not that promising jobs, think of how to deal with unexpected expenses but, mostly, they still remain middle managers or CEO assistants and move away from their cherished dream. What’s the reason?
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Contending With Unexpected Expenses

tips to cut your spendingOur previous article was about how to get a second mortgage, but this is hardly possible if you have bad spending habits. Some things have to be changed once and for all. What would you do if your washing machine breaks, you have to visit a veterinary because you pet needs help and that happens on the same day?

We became used to planning our time and planning our budget. Sure enough, you know that unexpected expenses always occur when we are not ready, but only a few of us include them in the budget and stash money in savings on a weekly/monthly basis. According to a survey by Princeton Survey Research Associates International, two in three Americans do not have enough savings to deal with unforeseen expenses at the rate of about $1,000.
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How to Always Have Money: Part 2

make money tips 2016Remember our How to always have money? Well, it is time to expand the list! No matter how good in money management you are, there always are times when we experience the lack of money. Jobless people, middle managers or executives may need a loan from time to time but don’t know where to find a reasonable one. Obviously, there are lots of ways to borrow money – ask friends or family, apply to a bank or other company or even department that offers financial help. Still, in today’s digital era lending money became easier – you can find a REPUTABLE online company that deals with quick personal loans (such as Personal Money Service, for instance) and get money within several minutes. Impressive, isn’t it?
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7 Money Saving Tips for this Valentine’s Day

“Money can’t buy you love, but it can get you some really good chocolate ginger biscuits.” — Dylan Moran“

happy valentines dayMore than 100 million cards are exchanged every year on Valentine’s Day. That’s the second result after Christmas Eve. The 14th of February is a holiday that dates back to 5th century. Nowadays, it’s a special date for couples and those who look for a soul mate.

No wonder the romantic fever forces people to buy presents, flowers, chocolates and cards. Some experts say that this year Valentine’s Day spending can reach $20 billion!
Keep in mind that some lovebirds go to the extent of purchasing expensive jewelry, accessories and even real estate to impress their spouses.

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Choosing a Mortgage: How Much Money to Borrow?

mortgage from Personal Money ServiceThe decision of purchasing a new house raises a lot of considerations, calculations and questions. Generally, most people have to take out a mortgage to afford such expensive buy. That is why financial aspect of this issue is quite difficult. You need not only to decide how much money to borrow, but also to take all the surrounding costs and expenses into consideration. For the beginning you should understand all the important definitions about mortgage. They will help you to determine what mortgage size you need.

Bonus article: Use these 5 tips to buy home!
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8 Financial Mistakes to Avoid

financial mistakes by Personal Money Service

It goes without saying that clever people learn from the mistakes of others. Though, there is a question whose experience we can rely on? Probably, you have heard contradicting opinions from friends and colleagues.

So, why not to take into consideration observations and conclusions made by experts of various industries to become more successful?
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5 Bad Money Saving Tips

bad money saving tipsNot all the money savings tips are good and effective. If you are not indifferent to your personal finance and from time to time you read various tips and articles to get some fresh money saving ideas, you must be careful because some of them are a waste of time and money. Money saving tips should help you to save money, but not to make you spend more! Let’s figure out which tips are not frugal at all and make you overspend.

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The Everyday Lives of Frugal Billionaires

 billionaire lifestyleIf you are one of those people who never have money, then this post is a perfect fit for you. Frugal life is not devoid of fun but is a life featuring wise expenditure. When we think of billionaires, we think of flashy lives characterized by extravagant spending. It does not cross our minds that there are some who are not spendthrift and live a common life unexpected of them. They base their lives on simple virtues and attitude that guide them and determine their spending habits. Furthermore, these virtues determine frugal billionaires’ lifestyles. Continue reading “The Everyday Lives of Frugal Billionaires”