Quitting Your Job to Start a Business?

“Starting a business” is now a very popular topic on Quora. Questions do repeat and the most common would be:

  • How do I start an online business?
  • What business can I start with $100 ($1000, $5000, etc.)?
  • I have a job, but want to quit and start my own business. What should I do?

In this infographic we will speak about questions you should ask yourself before you decide to quit your job. Answer each of the 5 questions and express your opinion in the comments section below.

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How Much Money Americans Are Spending?

Even though money can’t buy happiness, we tend to spend it more and more each year. But the interesting fact is that we feel pain and pleasure same time when we spend money. There are mostly two types of people:

  • Spenders. They feel happiness when they buy things. The pain comes when they have to delay their gratification.
  • Savers. Having money in a bank is a pleasure for them. The pain comes when they have to spend that money.

So, we’ve decided to make a little research and find out how much an average American spends and more importantly where do this money go.

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Best President for the U.S. Economy

If you love your country, you must be willing to defend it from fraud, bigotry, and recklessness–even from a president.
― DaShanne Stokes

So who did it better? We’ve created a list of presidents of the United States whose economic input was the largest. Numbers do not like no matter how much we like or dislike a certain president. The best time for small businesses, the worst time for employment – who was responsible? Each of these guys had his best and worst moments. Even though ranking presidents is close to impossible, we wanted to try.

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Generations on Social Media

We use it every single day. The day starts and ends with social media networks. To follow the modern trends, you need to know social media marketing directions, even if you run just a small local business. Every business needs a social media presence. There’s no way back!

With the help of this infographic, you’ll be able to understand if your business moves in the right direction with the right generation list. We also use social media every day, so we know a lot about different generations. Who knows, maybe this information will help you using online installment loans just a little less to cover some needs.

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Debt Consolidation Vs. Debt Settlement

There comes a time when you need to choose whether you will apply for a professional debt consolidation help or decide to go with a debt settlement. The choice is yours. Personal Money Service only wants to get you out of the debt as soon as possible. We’ve prepared an infographic that explains which option may be the best. Don’t forget to let us know which one you like the most: debt settlement assistance or best debt consolidation loans online. Share our post!
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How Much Should You Be Saving

save money online
Photo credit: 401kcalculator.org

We are constantly dealing with money in our everyday life and sometimes feel it difficult to manage them properly. Thus, most of us have definitely though of saving money for a rainy day, however, it is a well-known fact that people often fail to properly fulfill such plans.

We offer you to look through the infographics that is performed below as we consider that it may be a great assistant for you.
It shows the importance of saving money and the exact way you can do it. Here you can find some useful tips or follow the advice you find really helpful.
So, just take some time to review the performed inforgraphics and we want to believe that you will really like it or at least find interesting and informative. If you have already got yourself into a debt trap, take advantage of debt management programs online.

Save, Save and Save More…

Loan Forgiveness, Discharge or the Other

There are really many ways to get rid of student loan debt. No one wants you to live a debt-dependent life at all. If you are still asking: Is it a good idea to consolidate debt? You are in the right place. Most of us accumulate debt in the course of the time, as life sets certain standards and we try to meet them. However, the majority of graduates nowadays already enter the adult life with a burden of student loan obligations. Some young people choose some best debt consolidation loan options to reduce the load.

Still, to get a fresh jump-start to the next phase of your life without debt is quite possible. The infographic from our guest writer explains how you can avoid  living paycheck to paycheck paying the debt out every month. The options are varied and the difference between them is the circumstances which may cancel the debt.

Also, be sure to stop these student loan mistakes as soon as possible!

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How Much Can You Save With Debt Consolidation?

Lots of people nowadays struggle with multiple debts. There are a lot of ways out of tough financial conditions and credit consolidation can become a perfect solution in many cases. Our Infographic is aimed to give you the clear understanding not only of the basics of debt consolidation but the advantages of it and certain additional benefits, you may expect.

Reasons to Choose Debt Consolidation

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Can Small Loans Make Big Businesses?

If you are an entrepreneur you know for sure – money matters! The availability of means at this or that moment can play a decisive role for your undertaking, so it’s important to always have some funds accessible. Still, lack of capital access is among the main reasons preventing small businesses from growing big. The Infographic below touches upon the main financial concerns of entrepreneurs nowadays.

Boost Your Business with a Some Funding

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Short-term Loan Users Survey: Infographic

Needless to say, short-term loans are very popular credit products. Many people try to avoid long-term financial commitments because they are afraid of getting into the debt burden, so they borrow money for short term and pay it back quickly. Actually, it doesn’t need too much of explanation because short-term loans have numerous advantages! We asked 1000 people about their short – term loan experience and found out that most consumers use the service responsibly and they are satisfied with it! If you would like to get a short-term loan from Personal Money Service but have certain doubts, check out this survey to get aware of the experience other users have!

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Personal Loans Alphabet: Infographic

Getting a personal secured loan at Personal Money Service is easy and there’s no need to know all the complicated special terms to do it. But still, knowledge is a part of financial literacy like getting personal loans is a part of everyone’s financial life. This alphabet is created to explain you all the unfamiliar words you may find in your personal loan application! Check this infographic is make sure – loan application doesn’t look so complicated anymore! Boost your financial vocabulary and succeed with Personal Money Service!

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Alternatives to Personal Loans when Facing Money Need

personal loan alternative
Photo credit: Pexels.com

Sudden expenses may waylay you around any corner. But they will not take you by surprise if you are prepared for different kinds of emergencies. Of course having the sufficient sum of money in the emergency fund it the best way to struggle temporary financial rough going but the fund is not always available.

Taking out a short-term personal loan, which are also famous as a payday loan, is the most popular way to drive the necessary amount of money in case of emergency need.

There is no doubt that such option is very good especially when you succeed to get a low interest rate. But it is better to consider alternative options of driving money when you have a poor credit history, when you are unable to cover the amount of interest or when you are just turned down for a payday loan by the financial institution.

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