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What’s the Price of Car Insurance for College Students?

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As it was mentioned in the previous answers, car insurance for students and young adults are one of the most expensive. The main reason for it is a lack of driver’s experience. That’s why the price of the best car insurance for college students is quite high.

Here are average prices on packages for different ages in 2016:

Age Average rate with 100/300/100 liability Average rate with minimum liability
18 $4,055 $1,638
19 $2,842 $1,082
20 $2,549 $953
21 $2,063 $761
22 $1,883 $693
23 $1,743 $642

Nota bene: the difference between prices in 2016 and 2017 is little. So, you can use these prices.

If you are a student, who drives his own car, then your personal coverage is required by law. If you are a student, who lives with parents and drives their car, their insurance would be enough.

There are a couple of ways to reduce the cost of the affordable car insurance for college students. Firstly, you should consider getting a certificate from the driver’s education classes. This certificate will increase your competence and somehow reduce the risk for an insurance company.

Secondly, some companies that offer cheap car insurance for college students launch discount programs from time to time.

So, if you need the cheapest car insurance for college students, you should apply either for reliable online insurers or to the local companies (keep in mind state peculiarities).